Cigar Review: Conuco


Size: 5 x 50, Robusto

Wrapper: Honduran Habano

Filler: Honduran and Costa Rican Ligero, Nicaraguan Viso, and Panamanian Seco

Binder: Nicaraguan Seco leaf

Strength: Full

Price: Box of 20, $79.99

Grade: 8.6

As a big fan of boutique cigars, I must admit I was excited to get my hands on this Conuco Robusto. An exclusive smoke from Famous Cigar Shop, the stick is produced in partnership with Rocky Patel and, at four bucks a stick, it is half the price of a standard boutique smoke. Needless to say I was interested to see what this was all about.

Pre-light, 1.6:
The cigar appears to be well constructed with no soft spots or visible spotting on the wrapper. The texture is smooth with some veins and tooth. The cap looked nice, but at the foot of the smoke the filler was hanging out of the wrapper a noticeable amount which did affect the toasting of the cigar. The label on this smoke is very subdued, though it fits the idea of the cigar nicely. The pre-light aroma and draw were filled with notes of sweet tobacco and some chocolate.

Burn, 1.7:
The draw on this smoke was very good all the way through. The dark grey ash held up to 1.5 inches before I lost my nerve and knocked it off. The cigar produced a mouthful of flavorful smoke with not a lot of heat at all. The smoke did require a touch up around the beginning of the 2/3 but by the 3/3 it was perfect.

Flavor, 2.6:
The first puff on this smoke produced a flavor of barnyard and sweet citrus. It was a very mellow flavor with no spice, which I was expecting. As the cigar burned into the 1/3, I picked up a dark wood flavor, which reminded me of the smell of my two acoustic guitars. They are made of mahogany and rosewood, two types of wood that have a more rich, spicy, and heavy aroma than say hickory or cedar. Attached to this flavor was a hint of sweetness.  The finish on this smoke was not long at all and this trend continued throughout the smoke. As the smoke progressed into the 2/3, it did not become more complex but the notes of dark wood, chocolate, and lingering sweetness continued. The 3/3 brought a definite coffee flavor to the party which paired nicely with the chocolate notes still hanging around. Though the smoke was not as complex as I anticipated for a full body smoke, it was very consistent.

Overall, 2.7:
The value of this smoke is great; it is a good, solid smoke for the money no doubt.  I would recommend this to any smoker who likes a full bodied smoke with a hint of sweetness.  Rocky consistently puts out a great smoke and this partnership with Famous is a winner.

(Total: 8.6)