Cigar Review: Davidoff Seleccion 702, Limited Edition (2009)


Size: 5.25×48, Toro Especial

Wrapper: Sungrown Ecuadorian

Filler: Piloto Cubano, Dominican Olor, and San Vicente

Strength: Medium-Full

Price: Box of 10, $247

Grade: 8.1 (JJ); 7.8 (MM)

The kind folks at Davidoff recently sent a sampler and today we do a joint review on the Davidoff Seleccion 702, a specially shaped Toro released in limited edition for 2009. With a mixed filler and a specially selected wrapper, this is certainly a limited edition. We will break our review into 4 sections to reach a maximum score of 10.

Take 1:

While the kind folks at Davidoff were kind enough to gift my good buddy Matt a sampler, he was in turn kind enough to let me partake in their generosity – starting with the Davidoff Seleccion 702 (2009).

Pre-light, 1.9:
The stick is a well constructed cigar with a good weight and beautiful triple cap. The wrapper does have some noticeable veins, but they are not obtrusive enough to detract from the Sungrown Ecuadorian wrapper. The label is classic Davidoff and does nothing but add to the anticipation of the smoke. The pre-light aroma is a noticeably sweet and earthy tobacco smell and these characteristics are also very prominent in the pre-light draw.

Burn, 1.7:
The cigar toasted and lit well and the draw is very easy; this in turn produces a very loose ash that does not hold well after the initial inch or so into the smoke.  The ash is a medium gray with slight discoloration but nothing too out of line. The point detractor for me is that the stick had to be re-lit as it moved into the second third.  On the positive, it required no touch ups throughout the entire smoke. The cigar produced mouthfuls of smoke throughout all three sections.

Flavor, 2.0:
I was very excited about this smoke and fully expected for it to have some nice flavors and movement within the cigar; I was disappointed. The 702 is not a bad smoke, but it never really matured except with strength towards the end. There were a few draws that were harsh, but all in all it was just a very smooth medium-full body cigar with no defining notes or taste.

Overall, 2.5:
I had very high expectations of this cigar for three reasons – brand name, price, and general excitement over the release of these smokes.  I was disappointed and it is reflected in my rating. At $25-28 a stick, I expect a more flavorful cigar and some complexity. Again this is not a bad cigar by any means, but with no true flavor profile, coupled with a pretty steep price, it is hard to recommend this smoke for purchase.

(Total: 8.1)


Take 2:
Pre-light, 1.9:

The Seleccion had a nice wrapper, oily with good weight, though it did have a fair amount of veins and very slight discoloration. The classy Davidoff label was accompanied by a second label that added nicely to the appearance. The pre-light draw was excellent and it cut very well; it had a nice, sweet smell at the foot and cap, with scents of hay in middle.

Burn, 1.8:
The Seleccion had a wonderful draw and produced thick smoke immediately. However, the ash did not hold well and was a mixed color of light and dark grays. Though it did not require re-light, it was apparent that the great draw was in part due to a loose roll which affected the hold of the ash.

Flavor, 2.3:
The Seleccion pre-light aroma implied that there would be definite transitions in the flavor profile but this did not occur. The first third had a very clean taste with little aftertaste or bite. This was nice, but it also prevented it from having a real finish or any definite flavor profiles. It was very smooth and seemed quite mild to begin. The final two-thirds of the Seleccion brought forth an increase of strength with a slight bite, bitterness, and harshness. No real flavor profile arrived other than hay.

Overall, 1.8:
Overall, the Seleccion was a smooth smoke that had a sneaky strength about it. Though it was consistent in it’s flavor, this is only because there was little flavor throughout. The quality factor is where the Seleccion takes the biggest hit; at $25-28 a stick, this is the worst quality. For the money, I would much prefer to spend a few extra dollars and purchase a 5-pack of one of my go-to smokes. I would not recommend purchasing this stick due to the price.

(Total: 7.8)