Cigar Review: Corojo Label


Size: 7×50, Churchill

Wrapper: Corojo

Filler: Mixed Nicaraguan

Strength: Full

Price: Box of 20, $45.95

Score: 8.5

While vacationing in Florida this week, I decided to review the Corojo Label sent to us by the great folks at The Corojo blend debuted in 2007. Produced in Nicaragua under the watchful eye of Don Pepin Garcia, and in the same factory responsible for such brands as Tatuaje and Padilla, this house blend should be a treat!

Pre-light, 1.6:
The first thing I noticed about this smoke was the wrapper; with a light to medium brown color it was very smooth and eye catching. The pre-light aroma was an earthy tobacco with a little spice towards the foot. The smoke cut clean and the cold draw produced hints of spice with peat on the end. The deduction in points is a result of the construction. The cigar was very spongy and extremely loose to the touch, especially towards the head; this unfortunately made the stick feel very fragile.

Burn, 1.7:
This cigar burned well throughout the entire smoke. Even though this cigar is a “sandwich” style smoke made with mixed filler, I did not notice this at all during the smoke—other than the loose draw. The smoke was cool throughout and did not require any touch up or re-lights.

Flavor, 2.4:
This is going to be a short profile of the flavor of this smoke as there was not any transition in the smoke at all. The cigar produced notes of earth, leaning towards a peat type finish that was dry and not very long; mixed in these notes were hints of sweetness and leather. There was some spice and harshness in parts of the smoke, even though the smoke was cool. This, coupled with the lack of complexity, reduced the point score. The smoke was closer in my opinion to a medium bodied smoke than to a full-bodied smoke.

Overall, 2.8:
The cost of this smoke really gives it a boost in the overall category; at around 2 bucks a stick it is a good medium bodied smoke. The easy draw, coupled with the coolness of the smoke, really made it an enjoyable experience even with the lack of complexity. You can tell has worked on this blend with Don Pepin to get the most they can for the money and it translates into a good smoke at a very appealing price.

(Total: 8.5) Corojo_web