House Blends

New Image was kind enough to send out a mega-sampler of their House Blends for us to review. As always, the cigars came packaged in the classic zip baggie with a humi-pillow to keep the boys safe. We let them sit for a few weeks and fired up the first one a couple nights ago. We’ll post that joint-review very soon. If you haven’t already, check out; they have one of the best customer service departments around and always have excellent turn around on their orders. Below is a description of each of the 7 House Blends they produce, taken from their website. Learn more about their House Blends here.

Blue Label:

The Blue label is an exceptional value rolled at the famous Tabadom factory in the Dominican Republic. It boasts an Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper and a medium-bodied Dominican and Centra American filler. Blue Label is our flagship blend that started our House Blend concept. Popular with new enthusiasts and veterans alike we demand a high standard of quality and consistency in each size and through every box.

The Blue Label undergoes careful inspection by the hands of the uncompromising supervisors at the famous Tabadom factory. Cigars that go under this tedious process of quality control are rarely found in a cigar of this price. Fans of the Edge Lite, Montecristo White Label or Romeo y Julieta Reserva Real will be especially pleased with this low priced alternative. Learn more here.

Brazilian Label:

Rolled by Tabacalera Fernandez, Brazilian Label features a rich and dark Brazilian Arapiraca wrapper, creating a robust cigar with an underlying sweetness that emanates chocolaty flavors on the palate.

Our House Blends have a solid reputation in the cigar industry, and for good reason. Each label is the result of months and sometimes years of careful blending to achieve a perfect balance worthy of bearing the name. Additionally, we partner with only the world’s top factories to ensure the quality of our cigars also meets our high standards, allowing to provide some incredibly tasty house blends for our customers, at a terrific price. Brazilian Label is the most recent addition to our line and rounds out our house blends with a full-flavored maduro. Brazil is known for growing some of the most beautiful and flavorful maduro wrapper, and the Arapiraca on our Brazilian Label is no exception. Upon lighting, the slow burn yields a smoke that overtakes the palate with rich chocolaty and espresso flavors, leading to a long and pleasant finish. The blending team here at considers Brazilian Label to be one of the finest of the House Blends and is highly recommended! Learn more here.

Cameroon Label:

As one of our best selling brands, the Cameroon label is a favorite amongst even the most demanding aficionados. It combines a sweet West African wrapper with premium fillers that are carefully blended at the Tabadom factory.

We are proud to offer the Cameroon Label. A lot of time went into this blend to offer a better alternative to the high end Cameroon cigars made by other manufacturers. Our excitement began when we found a toothy mouth watering West African wrapper that was very high quality and unlike anything any tobacco used by other factories. After careful deliberation, we met with the folks from the Tabadom factory, the most premier cigar factory in the Dominican Republic where we agreed to have the blend made with the finest blend of premium Dominican fillers.

The Cameroon Label is solid medium-bodied cigar with a rich and balanced flavor. If you are a fan of Fuente Don Carlos, Hemingways, Partagas, or Romeo y Julieta, then this cigar is a must try. Learn more here.

Corojo Label:

The Corojo Label is a Nicaraguan full-bodied powerhouse made at the El Rey de Los Habanos factory under the direction of Pepin Garcia. This factory is well known for producing such highly rated brands as Tatuaje and Padilla.

This cigar represents the efforts of three long years of careful blending. Debuting in 2007, the Corojo Label signifies the first addition to the House Blends selection since 2004. With all the excitement regarding premium Corojo tobacco, the experts at have been in search of the perfect wrapper to create the ultimate strong and flavorful blend that Corojo cigars are famous for. Our search ended in Esteli, Nicaragua at the famous El Rey de Los Habanos factory where the Corojo Label is made today!

Like all House Blends, the Corojo Label is an extraordinary value, utilizing only the finest tobaccos to blend a cigar worthy of bearing the name. Full-bodied with a long and pronounced finish, the Corojo Label is a bit dry on the palate and features a robust, spicy aroma that rounds out into a complex mix of wood and earth tones. Learn more here.

Cuban Label:

The Cuban Label is our best selling cigar. Its full-flavor and medium to full-body capture the essence of the finest Cuban cigars at an everyday low price. You will be hard pressed to find a better cigar at any price. hit a homerun when we decided to reminisce in the old world taste of Cuban Cigars. For years there has been talk of the Trade Embargo against Cuba being lifted, allowing the import of world famous Cuban cigars. Now is excited to announce the arrival of a cigar with a full-flavor worthy of being compared to the taste of a Cuban cigar at fraction of the price!

For this blend we use a high quality Dominican filler and binder. However, the Cuban Label gets most of its character from the special Cuban/ Sumatra hybrid seed sun grown in Ecuador. With the perfect blend at hand, we depend on the expert cigar makers and rollers at the Tabadom factory to put the finishing touches on the Cuban Label. This Dominican factory has an esteemed reputation for making flawless cigars. The result is a peppery and earthy full-flavored cigar with a medium to full-body. The Cuban Label is complex and balanced with a long pronounced finish. Learn more here.

Purple Label:

The Purple Label is a smooth and extraordinary mild to medium-bodied blend that features a beautiful Connecticut wrapper that rivals any high priced premium on the market.

If you enjoy smooth premium Dominican cigars that don’t pack a big punch, then the Purple Label was made with you in mind. No longer do aficionados need to spend their hard earned money on big name brands that typically deliver poor quality and taste. To blend this masterpiece, we sat down with our friends at the world-famous Tabadom Factory in the Dominican Republic. No where in the world is there a factory with a more esteemed reputation for quality. To start the blend, we selected a beautiful premium Connecticut wrapper that encases a smooth blend of Dominican fillers.

The Purple label is a well-balanced cigar with wood and nut flavors foot to nub and a lingering moderate finish. The quality and flavor of this cigar rivals and exceeds such cigars as Macanudo, Montecristo, H. Upmann and many other century old brands. Learn more here.

Red Label:

As the cigar public began asking for a stronger more full-bodied cigar blend, answered with the Red Label. This cigar takes advantage of a dark oily maduro wrapper that will satisfy even the most demanding palate.

The Red Label is one of the most recent additions to the family of house blends. With aficionados demanding more flavor and darker wrappers, we set our sites on an oily Connecticut Broadleaf maduro wrapper that we had been eyeing for some time. This wrapper is characteristically expensive and full of hearty earthy flavors and hints of sweetness.

We then combined the wrapper with the a mix of the finest Dominican fillers at the world-famous Tabadom Factory which is well known for producing the world’s highest quality cigars. The Red Label is well received by both cigar newbies and veterans as a excellent more robust blend and an amazing value. Learn more here.