Corona Cigar Company

I recently contacted Jeff Borysiewicz at Corona Cigar Company about reviewing some of their House Blends; he kindly responded and said he’d send along a “care package.” Jeff doesn’t mess around; the package arrived promptly and in great condition and it was full. I dug in to find 8 varieties of House Blends, 2 sharp logo t’s, and a couple hats.

Here are the cigars Jeff sent along with a little information from their website; we can’t wait to start reviewing some of these (click on the IMG_3227brand name to learn more).

AVO, Loung Edition:
The Avo Lounge cigar is hand made with a special blend of Dominican olor, piloto Cubano and San Vicente tobaccos and finished with a medium-brown Ecuadorian 151 Sun grown wrapper.  The Avo Lounge cigar is medium bodied and has flavors of earth, subtle tones of leather and a slight cedar quality.  Avo has truly outdone himself with this amazing cigar.

Boris 11, Connecticut (Perfecto) and Maduro (Toro):
Boris 11 cigars are hand made in the Dominican Republic with  a flawless golden brown, Connecticut shade wrapper or a chocolate- brown Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro cigar.   Boris 11 cigars are blended with a secret, mild and creamy combination of aged Dominican olor, Cubano and San Vicente long filler tobaccos.    The flavor of Boris 11 cigars is complex and bold,  yet medium in strength.

CAO, Escaparate Costa Rican Maduro:
The CAO Escaparate Costa Rica cigar is unlike any cigar you’ve smoked before.  The CAO Escaparate Costa Rica is a medium bodied cigar that has a naturally fermented, chocolate-brown Costa Rican maduro wrapper, an Ecuadorian binder and aged Nicaraguan filler grown in Esteli, Jalapa and Condega. The CAO Escaparate Costa Rican is a smooth earthy cigar that is one of the most complex, flavorful cigars that I’ve ever smoked. The aroma is sweet with a woody note but the flavor offers notes of coffee and earth with a slight undertone of spice.  Impress your friends with this super premium, ultra exclusive cigar.

Ciello Apollo, by Perdomo:
Cielo cigars (pronounced see-a-lo) are handcrafted in the cigar city of Esteli, Nicaragua.  The bold, complex flavor of Cielo is the result of specially selected tobaccos that are grown in three different regions of Nicaragua – robust Ligero from Esteli, smooth Viso from Condega and slightly sweet Seco from Jalapa.  Each of these regions produce a tobacco with a unique flavor and strength that is used to create a balanced blend.

Cielo’s dark, oily wrapper is sungrown in Ecuador and has a spicy element due to its Sumatra seed origin.  The combination of the aged filler tobaccos and expensive wrapper creates a medium to full-bodied cigar that has the signature Cielo taste.

Flor de Cielo Maduro:
The new, ultra premium Flor de Cielo takes the art of cigar rolling to a whole new level. This cigar requires so much skill to roll, that it takes the talents of two countries to produce one cigar. First, the tobacco for Flor de Cielo cigars are selected, sorted and aged in Nicaragua. After the tobacco has completed the slow aging process and has reached maturity, the cigars are rolled into “bunches”. The tobacco bunches, which consist of the filler and binder tobacco are then shipped to Little Havana, Miami.

Upon arrival, a second team of Cuban master cigar rollers inspects each tobacco bunch that is to become a Flor de Cielo. Then, the most supple and perfect U.S. Connecticut shade wrappers are selected and color sorted to become the golden “capa” for Flor de Cielo. The final rolling process requires so much skill to create the triple capped, Maduro encircled, “flowered” head of the cigar that only a single Torcedor can perform this delicate and time consuming process. Flor de Cielo is a handcrafted work of art that is intended to be smoked.

Corona, 10th Anniversary:
For the 10th Anniversary of our Nicaraguan Selection cigars, we enlisted the talents of Tabacalera Tropical. We selected a slightly stronger blend of first-choice Nicaraguan long filler tobaccos and a wrapper that is the same as the original Corona Nicaraguan. The result is a cigar with a fantastic draw, solid white ash and a slightly sweet flavor. The quality of this cigar makes it an absolute steal at these prices!

Corona, Nicaraguan:
Corona Nicaraguan Selection cigars are hand-made in one of the most efficient, clean and modern factories in Central America. Gilberto Oliva Jr., who is a fifth generation Cuban master cigar blender, oversees the entire production of our cigars, ensuring quality and consistency that is second to none.

The aged long-filler tobaccos are a blend of Cuban-seed tobaccos grown in Nicaragua. The dark Maduro wrapper is grown in Panama and the mild natural wrappers are Sumatra-seed grown in Indonesia. The result of this tobacco blend is a flavor that is mild to medium in strength and packed with flavor – very similar to the taste of a Padron.


IMG_3208I’ve taken a good look at each of these smokes and they all look excellent. The CAO and Ciello have an perfect box press, almost like a wafer, and the oils on the Corona Nicaraguan and the Boris 11 Maduro are very nice. Also, the AVO Lounge has one of the most unique aromas I’ve ever encountered, almost a mint-like smell with bits of light, sweet pepper. These are going to be some excellent smokes!

We’ll post our first review tomorrow; somehow we were able to let these sticks rest a few weeks. If you see one you’d like reviewed first just give us a shout. In the meantime, we’ll be wearing the t’s and hats.

Thanks again Jeff for the care package! Check out Corona Cigar Company’s website or find them on Twitter. By the way, Jeff is the founder and owner of Corona Cigar Company and he is also Vice President and Co-Founder of Cigar Rights of America. This guy knows what he is doing! Give ’em a visit!