Interview: Bryan Peruski of Cigar Spike

Please welcome Bryan Peruski, developer of the Cigar Spike. He takes some time out of a busy promotion schedule to answer a few questions for us. The Cigar Spike is quickly making its way into shops and in the hands and on the key chains of smokers across the world. Bryan sent me a few spikes a month or so ago and I’ve kept one and shared the others–the response has been good and I’ll post a review on the Spike a bit later. The spike is affordable, at just.99, and is conveniently sized. You can learn more about the Cigar Spike on his website or visit him on Twitter.


Thanks for taking a moment to meet with us Bryan. Will you briefly introduce yourself to our readers?
My name is Bryan Peruski and I am in my mid 40’s and enjoy music, poker, hunting, football, beer, whiskey and, of coarse, cigars.

How did you get involved in the cigar accessory industry?
I have been in many businesses over the years and I have always been around cigar smokers; my father has smoked cigars since I was a young boy.  I found myself to be an occasional cigar smoker in my younger years and have become more interested over time.  The cigar industry is one that I have never been involved with. However, I had this idea, for the Cigar Spike, and I enjoyed it as a user, my friends liked it,  and so, having been an entrepreneur for most of my life, I decided to market the Cigar Spike hoping others will concur.

What are some of your favorite smokes and how often do you smoke?
I don’t have a real smoking pattern; I smoke a cigar when I feel like it. I  like the Nub; I had a chance to meet Sam Leccia and I not only like his product but also the style and presentation.  I like the Oliva Serie O in a variety of sizes, depending on how much time I have to enjoy a cigar. Rocky Patel also has not disappointed me; it seems everything I try from him is very good.  Also, the 5 Vegas Gold Nugget is a good, short smoke.


How did the Cigar Spike get its start? Where did the idea come from?
I’ve been involved in music for years and I have been smoking better cigars in the last few. I initially started making the Cigar Spikes out of my guitar player buddy’s old guitar picks for myself. I then started buying a few extra picks to make them for my friends. Everybody seemed to like how they worked…and so the Cigar Spike was born in early 2009.

How long has it taken you to move from idea to product?
It has taken around 6-8 months.

What have you most enjoyed about the process of developing the Cigar Spike?
I guess just the creative process involved in designing a product and the other marketing creation involved. I have a lot of ideas on how the Spike can be presented but it’s kind of a daunting task. I am trying not to get ahead of myself and keep on target of getting the Cigar Spike word out.

What has been your experience with getting the Cigar Spike into retail stores and into the hands of smokers?
So far so good.  The first production run is sold out and a new batch will be available in late September with a series of  new colors and concept cards.

Describe the perfect day at Cigar Spike.
The perfect day has not happened yet…I guess it’s when “Spiking” a cigar becomes a universally accepted method for cigar smokers.

What advice do you have for people trying to break into the industry or work on an invention?
Just stay focused and try not to be discouraged by the naysayers and the helpers that you will encounter in any project…stick to your guns, it’s your idea…but always listen because sometimes you can get good suggestions.


How is the Cigar Spike set apart from other cutting accessories?
The Cigar Spike is a small plastic (polyethylene) spike designed to create an opening in the end of premium cigars.  Unlike cutting or punching, the Spike pierces a hole in the end of cigars, creating the perfect opening for a smooth draw.

The Cigar Spike has several advantages over the customary method of opening a premium cigar, including: preventing loose tobacco from entering the users mouth, giving the smoker a directional orientation to smoke the cigar, the spike shape serves as a gauge allowing use with any size cigar, and the price is lower then any other existing tool.

The Cigar Spike inaugural production run is now available in black and the maker has plans for future spikes in a variety of colors and materials including gold. Don’t be surprised to see other Cigar Spike related merchandise including shirts, gaming tokens, and golf accessories.

What do you have planned for the future? New spikes, colors, models?
Coming soon is a hunter’s spike, in orange, and a golfer’s spike in green.



What positive feedback have you received about the product?
I’ve received great feedback on this product. Here is a listing of some of the other reviews on the Cigar Spike:

Thank you Bryan for joining us today; if you’d like to learn more about the spike, or to place an order, be sure to visit the website. Also, you can read more reviews on the Spike here. As Bryan would say, next time you’re getting ready to fire up a stick, why not “Spike it!”

Speaking of “Spiking it,” tell us the cigar you’d most like to spike and we’ll choose someone at random to receive 3 Spikes from Bryan!

Spike on!