Quick Toast: Isla del Sol

Let’s get this out of the way: I am not a big fan of flavored cigars. Since moving on from Swisher Sweets and Black n Milds years and years ago, I haven’t craved a flavored cigar. However, my dad loves them. After dinner at my folk’s, I started digging through his humidor. It was full of the CAO flavor line, Tabak Especial, his remaining Kahlua’s, other cheap flavored sticks he is trying out, a few nice non-flavored he is saving. After fighting off the temptation to steal his only Decade, I picked up the Isla del Sol, his latest attempt at finding a lower-priced daily smoke.

The Isla del Sol is produced by Drew Estate, of ACID fame, and conceals Nicaraguan filler with a Sumatran wrapper. Each filler leaf is infused with Sumatran Mandheling coffee beans. It is a value smoke and a box of 20 can be purchased for under $50.

The appearance on this stick is pretty solid; the draw was perfect and the ash was a nice whitish-gray, though it fell at the one inch mark. The sweet flavor is very strong on the lips but luckily for me the flavor is not as strong during the smoke as it is on the lips. I definitely detected hints of coffee but I also detected strong flavors of vanilla. The smoke was squishy to the touch but did not burn fast or hot.

This was a decent smoke; I was kind of looking forward to it being finished though and if I wasn’t having a good time outside with my family, I probably would not have burned it as long as I did. My son came outside when I was about 2/3 through it and I put it down happily. But, if you like flavored cigars and are looking for a value, I’m told this would be right up your alley; my dad loves it, if that helps any!

Single Worthy: YES
Box Worthy: NO
Grade: C-