Quick Toast: Arturo Fuente, Curly Head

When I first started smoking cigars, one of my first purchases was an Arturo Fuente Curly Head. Brand name, mild strength, and cost were the driving factors for my purchase then.

Well, as I geared up to head down to Florida for a much anticipated vacation this week, I went by my local tobacconist and picked up a few Curly Heads–they were there and I thought it would be fun to smoke a cigar that I haven’t had in years. Sunday night I sat on the deck of our vacation rental and fired one up and I was blown away by how good a smoke this is for around 2 bucks. Does construction leave a lot to be desired? Sure it does. Are there other cheap smokes out there a bit better? You bet, but you can’t always pick up a Cu-Vana on your way out of town like you can a Curly Head. I cannot recall going into a cigar shop that did not have this in the humidor for around 2 bucks. The smoke is mild, tasteful, and just long enough so it doesn’t impede on other plans for the evening. I have a few more for the week and I look forward to smoking them on the beach, knowing that each one is going to be an enjoyment.

Single Worthy: YES
Box Worthy: YES
Grade: A-