Quick Toast: Gurkha Turk

The last mild bodied Gurkha I smoked was the Symphony and I was thoroughly disappointed. The Turk offers some of the same mild bodied notes so I was hoping this stick would redeem the Symphony. The double-band circled a smooth and well-rolled Toro-shaped stick. The pre-light odor was of hay and the draw was very good.

Lighting the Turk produced a thick cloud of smoke and a hint of sweetness of the first draw. Unfortunately, the sweet taste did not remain as it turned to the pre-light smell of hay and nuttiness. This stick lacked any complexity, which was a great disappointment considering the filler is a mixture of Dominican, Nicaraguan, and Turkish tobaccos. The mixture, if anything, seemed to drown out the potential of any one tobacco’s flavor.

The smoke remained thick and the ash held well throughout the stick but the lack of taste caused this to be a difficult stick to enjoy. This was a purely mild smoke yet a bitter bite remained in the back of my throat from the first third forward.

At $9 a stick, I would have been angered were this not gifted; this may well be my last mild Gurkha. I have a few medium-full Gurkha’s that will hopefully redeem their mild offerings.

Single Worthy: NO
Box Worthy: NO
Grade: C-