Cigar Review: AVO Lounge Edition


Size: 6×50, Toro

Wrapper: Ecuadorian 151 Sun-grown

Filler: Dominican Olor, Piloto Cubano, and San Vicente

Strength: Medium

Price: Box of 20, $225

Grade: 8.3

Today we take on the AVO Lounge Edition, gifted to us by Jeff from Corona Cigar Company.

From Avo Uvezian and Henkie Kelner of Davidoff, the Lounge Edition is blended specifically for Corona Cigar Company. Corona refers to the Lounge Edition as Avo’s rarest cigar ever. As the sole distributor, this cigar was blended in honor of Corona’s AVO Lounge, which is located inside their Lake Mary-Heathrow retail cigar superstore.

So, on to the toast!

Pre-light, 1.7:
The Lounge has a very pleasing band with a dominant color of Sea foam green coupled with black and white trim. The 151 wrapper is medium to light brown with prominent veins. The weight of the smoke is good and is firm to the touch; however, the cap is noticeably messy. The pre-light aroma is vegetal and dry.  The cold draw is of green tobacco with some herbal notes that I can’t seem to place—hopefully they will become more pronounced once the AVO is burning.

Burn, 1.6:
The smoke lit well and had a very comfortable draw. The ash was not pleasing to the eye at all and did not hold well and was very flaky. I had to re-light into the second third of the smoke. The burn on this cigar was weird. It would go from good to bad and back again over the course of the smoke. It never seemed plugged, but just required a bit more work than I like to put into a smoke.

Flavor, 2.5:
The first puff on this Toro produced a very herbal and minty flavor. The first third was harsh on the back of the throat and the only discerning flavor profile was of tobacco with the continued mint. There were traces of toasted wood at times in this first third. The second third began with the re-light mentioned above but after that the smoke became creamier, smoother, but still did not produce any notes besides that of tobacco and herbs with a dry, short finish. The final third held to the above flavor profile. There were no changes at all and this was disappointing, as I was hoping the Lounge would surprise me toward the end.

Overall, 2.5:
This cigar required a bit of work for me to finish. The flavor profile and strange burn was not pleasant in the least and this, coupled with a price of around $11.00 a stick, really hurt my enjoyment of the smoke. This cigar is marketed as a medium bodied smoke but to me it leaned toward medium to full—the strength surprised me. I can’t recommend this smoke.

(Total: 8.3)