Toast of the Week (12/15/09)


Each Tuesday we’ll take a moment to toast the great cigar reviews and news that popped up during the week. We spend a great deal of time around the web and there is some great stuff out there. So, each Tuesday we’re going to make a toast or two!

To kick this weekly toast off, we’ve got a big list of  smokes (from some good folks)!

  • Tony Casas of Casas Fumando escapes from the miraculous El Paso snow and toasts the Tatuaje La Riqueza, which he calls one of the best cigars he’s ever had! A strong statement from a guy that smokes some good stuff! Toast it here.
  • Big Barry from A Cigar Smoker’s Journal toasts the Zino Platinum Emperor Edition 2009. This cigar has been getting a lot of buzz lately. Does Barry think it’s worth the $23 price tag? Toast it here.
  • Denis over at Cigar Inspector offers his Top 5 Cigar Books. Which book will top the list? Toast it here.
  • Johnny over at The Weekly Cigar offers us a video review of the Liga Privada No. 9 Flying Pig. Check out the freeze frame on this vid, hilarious! Toast it here.
  • Tony #2 at Smoke Score takes on the Illusione Nosotros, a joint effort between Dion Giolito and Jonathan Drew. With multiple flavors picked up, such as gingerbread, toasted wood, hazlenut, and spice, this one looks promising. Toast it here.
  • Brooks from The Smoking Stogie fires up yet another rare cigar, a pre-production stick from Drew Estate, the Dirty Rat. This smoke comprises 7 different tobaccos and packs quite a punch. Toast it here.
  • Matt over at Matt’s Cigar Journal toasts an Arturo Fuente Between the Lines. This barber pole beauty receives a surprisingly low score. Toast it here.
  • Finally, Gary at Cigar Advisor takes on a cigar I did not know much about, the Flor de Gonzalez 15th Anniversary. Toast it here.

Thanks for all the great contributions this week!