5 Cigars Under 5 Dollars (Part 1)

We love a great smoke here at Toasted Foot, but what we love even more is a great smoke under five dollars! Our newest feature here at Toasted Foot is a list of great cigars that can be toasted for less than five dollars a stick. The list below is not ranked, just alphabetized, nor is it complete. Over the next few months, we will pick more sticks that fit this category and post them for your viewing pleasure, five smokes at a time, hence the (Part 1) above. If you have a suggestion please post a comment, as we are always on the lookout for great smokes at a great price! And if you want to learn more about any of these smokes, you can read our full review of the smoke as well, linked at the end.


5 Vegas Gold
The value of this smoke is its biggest asset in my opinion; for under $3.50 a stick retail, you get an aesthetically beautiful cigar that is very flavorful and somewhat complex. I enjoyed this smoke and hated to see it end. I always assumed these smokes were really mild yet flavorful. Well they definitely are flavorful but they also lean toward mild/medium in my opinion. The cigar burned evenly with a slightly tight draw all the way until the last 3rd and then it started to burn a little uneven, but other than that it was perfect. (8.9/10) Read the full review here.

BrickhouseBrickhouse from J. C. Newman Cigars
It is hard to believe this is a $5 smoke when it seems like all the new releases recently have been $8+. I’d have to say this cigar stands very closely to the CAO La Traviata for best value of the year. The heavy and smooth appearance, flawless burn, and very complex and enjoyable flavor profile make this an exceptional cigar at an exceptional value. I’d buy a box of these and let them rest. If you see these at your local B&M, don’t hesitate—pick up a handful. You may just find a less expensive version of some of the Nicaraguan Tatuajes. (9.2/10) Read the full review here.

traviata_web1CAO La Traviata
Wow, this one is a must have–I smoked it to the nub and wished for more. I would call this a full bodied smoke, but it was not as heavy as I anticipated. CAO really blended this smoke well—this is without a doubt box worthy! The draw was excellent, could not be better, and produced loads of aromatic smoke. The Ecuadorian Habano wrapper on this smoke had a nice, oily sheen to it with minimal veins. The dark brown color was very rich and appealing and the cigar was well constructed with a nice weight and no soft spots. The burn was spot on. (9.5/10) Read the full review here.

cuavanaCu-Avana Natural
At around $2 a stick, you will be hard pressed to find a better value. I’m sure I used the same sentence to describe the Cu-Avana Maduro, but it’s true. As I’ve spent some time with both of these smokes, I prefer the Maduro due to the added sweetness and a bit more complexity. However, for an early morning read of the paper with a nice cup of coffee, this would do the trick nicely in my opinion. It’d also be a nice addition to yard work. Though the score is in the low 8s, this is due to the appearance, which I think most of us can overlook when it comes to value. (8.4/10) Read the full review here.

punchPunch Champion
This is an excellent stick, especially when you figure in the unique shape, the quality of the roll, and the price point: a 5 pack for $12—excellent value, perfect burn, beautiful ash. The draw improved as the smoke went on (biggest deduction), the flavor and body smoothed out, and the stick seemed to mellow as it aged (1.5 years). Highly recommend. (8.7/10) Read the full review here.