Cigar Review: Cabaiguan by Tatuaje


Size: 5.2×50, Robustos Extra

Wrapper: Ecuadorian grown Connecticut

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium

Price: Box of 24, $200.00

Grade: 9.2

The Cabaiguan is another Tatuaje blended by Don Pepin Garcia at the El Rey de los Habanos factory. This is the same factory that is responsible for the 5 Vegas Miami, other Tatuaje cigars, and select Don Pepin cigars. A departure for both Tatuaje and Don Pepin, this Connecticut wrapped beauty has all the flavor but with a toned down strength. The name Cabaiguan comes from Don Pepin’s hometown in Cuba (here). For this blend, Pete Johnson chose 100% first generation Cuban-seed filler from Nicaragua, giving this puro some great complexity. The Cabaiguan is available in five sizes: the Coronas Extra, the Robustos Extra, the Imperiales, the Belicosos Finos, and the Petite Cabaiguan. The Imperiales size received an 89 from Cigar Insider.

So, if you enjoy some spice and complexity, but prefer a more mild-medium bodied cigar, you’re going to really love this one. Now, let’s get right to it.

Pre-light, 1.7:
I received this stick in a trade with a brother over at the Cigar Asylum forum and he had it aging in his humidor for a while; add to this a couple shipments and other potential care issues, this stick wasn’t in the best of shape but I’ve overlooked some of that for the sake of scoring. The simple and thin label has an aged-yellow color to it, with black and red etching out the borders and lettering and Cuba and Miami written on either side. The triple cap is a nice touch on this stick and the wrapper has a very nice color with some faint hints of reddish brown. The pre-light draw was excellent and the notes picked up were of sweet spice that reminded me of green pepper or sugar; a medium roast. There are no soft spots on this stick and instead it is a bit stiff in a couple small sections.

Burn, 1.8:
The burn on the Cabaiguan remained razor sharp throughout, though the ash was a bit flakey and discolored. The draw was excellent and never burned too loosely. The smoke emitted was nice and thick and had a great sweet aroma to it. The stick did not require any touch-ups whatsoever and toasted very well—it never moved from a straight line.

Flavor, 2.9:
The complexity on this stick is absolutely incredible for a mild-medium smoke—I was expecting to get more of a consistency rather than a complex and shifty smoke. The first third of the smoke brought a shot of spice up front, which moved into a nice creaminess coupled by a lot of earth, which is to be expected from a Nicaraguan puro. The second third brought on a touch of body with a very coated and long finish that was very pleasing to the palette. There were also some wood notes in this portion, which reminded me of the smell of an oak barrel and shaved pencil wood. The final third continued the notes of cream and earth with a slight return of spice. The Cabaiguan offered a very smooth finish with a bit of coldness or zest to it. I nubbed this one and it never went hot on me.

Overall, 2.8:
This just may be my perfect smoke; the earthiness of a Nicaraguan puro, the creaminess of an Ecuadorian Connecticut, the spiciness of a Don Pepin Garcia blend…and a mild-medium body—there is not a better combination out there for my flavor profile. But for the price, at over $8 a stick when purchased by the box, is out of my price range for a frequent smoke. I’m on a budget these days. But, this is an absolutely excellent cigar. If you prefer some spice and cream and either don’t like full-bodied smokes or are looking for a good morning coffee cigar, this is it! Box worthy to be sure, I’m already counting coins!

(Total: 9.2)



  1. Nice! Creamy, spicy, mild. Sound perfect for me!

    That Don Pepin is a busy busy man…

  2. DanReeve

    great review as always


  3. Chris McCann

    Thanks for the review. I’m a fan of full-bodied cigars, but this sounds like the perfect first smoke of the day!

  4. I’ll have to give one a try. Thank you… Though at CA prices, it’ll be an occasional cigar. not a staple.

  5. I’ve been hearing and reading a lot about Tatuaje lately. Wouldn’t mind an event at my favorite B&M to enjoy a sampling.

  6. Keith1911

    Thanks for the review. Will have to try this one again.

  7. I highly recommend this smoke. Excellent, changing flavor profile – worth every penny – to me, the ultimate medium-bodied cigar.

  8. Chad Stewart

    Sounds great, really enjoy a perfect burning stick.

  9. Gonna have to try em

  10. Is Famous ever gonna re-stock w/Tats?

  11. There are high on my to try list.

  12. LooseCard

    Sounds excellent, but too sttep for me. I’m sure I will ‘stumble’ across one somewhere and I’ll be forced to try it. Thanks for the review.

  13. Those sound beautiful. I’m adding these to my wish list. Gotta keep my eyes open for these the next time I head into Boston.

  14. TheRealJason

    I’ve been hearing a lot about these lately. Going to have to give one a shot!

  15. Haven’t tried any Tatuaje yet. Thanks for the info.

  16. Your right, it’s hard to find a more medium-mellow cigar with this much complexity. I remember I had a Cuban Montecristo No.2, and I had this afterwords….. I liked the Cabaiguan more. hahaha

  17. Paul Kemp

    Is this considered a Nicaraguan puro if it has the Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper?

  18. Robert Kluger

    Got one of these as part of a 90 rated cigar assortment. Loved it for many of the reasons outlined by the reviewer above. Great smoke!

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