Cigar Review Round-up: Cu-Avana

We’ve worked our way through the three blends offered by Cu-Avana and were very happy with the results. If you keep in mind that these sticks are all under $3, I think you’ll be happy with what you find as well. Smooth, consistent, and affordable, the Cu-Avana line has widened its audience with the new full-bodied offering, the Intenso. The Natural and Maduro are ultra-mild smokes. These are hard to find at B&M’s can easily be found online and in samplers that include all three blends. Take a look at our summaries and click on the full review if you are interested in more information.

The dark Corojo wrapper was coated in oils, tightly packed, and possessed no soft spots. The cap was clean and well constructed. The medium gray ash layered nicely and held very well. The burn became a little jagged into the second third but corrected by the beginning of the final third of the smoke. The flavor was of leather, caramel, a little spice, and a mild sweetness. This is the newest addition to the Cu-Avana line of cigars and is a departure from their normal mild-bodied cigars. This is full bodied with more flavor than the Maduro and the Natural. Read the full review here. (8.8/10)

There were a few obtrusive veins and the weight of the stick seemed a bit hollow. The wrapper was oily but ridged with lots of bumps. The ash was very dark and unattractive, though consistently colored. It toasted wonderfully with a couple matches and a perfect burn ring quickly formed. The draw created nice, thick smoke clouds. There is no real body or force to this smoke, just a clean, smooth, and sweet smoke. Very consistent and mild. The Maduro gives a bit more flavor than the Natural, but you also lose a bit of the smoothness. Read the full review here. (8.5/10)

Surprisingly triple capped, the exterior is a bit bumpy with a rustic, leathery skin and a misshapen foot. The Natural carried a solid burn throughout with a tight and pleasantly colored ash. The flavor is there, if you smack your lips enough! The dominant flavor profile is of sweet hay with the slightest burst of pepper on the first few draws. Not a lot of complexity but extraordinarily consistent and smooth. This is a great morning smoke with coffee and it never burns hot or hits a harsh note. Read the full review here. (8.4/10)