Cigar Review: Graycliff G2

Graycliff G2

Size: 6×52, Pirate (Torpedo)

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Filler: Nicaraguan and Dominican

Price: Box of 20, $49.99 (CI)

Strength: Mild

Grade: 7.9

The G2 is Graycliff’s answer to the desire for a less expensive version of their quality cigars. There is a bit of discrepancy however in the blends; there appears to be two lines of the G2, with the only exterior distinction being a gold sunburst coming from behind the black G on the band, while the other does not have this. The latter is more expensive and fuller bodied; the former is what we will be reviewing today and it is much less expensive and is an ultra-smooth mild.

So, let’s toast it!

Pre-light, 1.3:
If you enjoy patches on your cigars, you’ll love the G2 Pirate, which featured two, one small patch at the head and one really nice size patch at the foot. If, however, patches make you question ever buying the same cigar again, the G2 may not be for you—I fall into the latter category. The G2’s brittle wrapper created a very spongy exterior that was not so much full of soft spots, just very loosely rolled. The wrapper also had several spots of discoloration and appears fairly rustic with a healthy dose of crisscrossing veins. The aroma was full of barnyard notes, especially of dray hay and straw. The pre-light draw didn’t bring up any other flavors—it was nearly flavorless. The draw was extremely loose. All this is displayed with a simple yellow band with a large black “G” in the center with some gold sunbursts coming up from behind it.

Burn, 1.7:
With such a loose draw, I didn’t have a high expectation for burn. But, the G2 refused to go down without one solid category. The burn line on this stick was perfectly edged throughout the smoke, with one minor exception toward the nub; the ash was fairly strong as well and did not flake at all. The loose draw made this a quick burn and toward the second-third, the heat caused a tear in the wrapper, which I attribute to the brittle wrapper noted earlier. Though the G2 is a  fast and loose character, it never burned hot which was very surprising.

Flavor, 2.5:
The flavor on the G2 was very enjoyable and had some fairly distinct transitions and was very smooth and consistent. The first third began with a shot of spice and lasted for about 5-6 puffs. The cigar quickly became rather creamy and had some delightful berry hints in the background. The second third was primarily barnyard (hay) with some nutty undertones of cashews, hazelnut, and almond. This was the most pleasant section of the G2. The final third produced a nice mix all the flavors previously present, minus the pepper. The body was very pleasant throughout. The major deduction here is for the harshness that stuck around for nearly the entire cigar; the longer I gave in between puffs the better it got, but it never seemed to go away. Otherwise, the G2 had a very enjoyable flavor profile with some pretty decent transitions.

Overall, 2.4:
These cigars can be found for under $50 for a box of 20 and I think they are a solid pick-up at that price; most of the score is a reflection of the poor construction, but this had little affect on the flavor and burn. It is box worthy at a little over $2 a stick in my opinion, if used for nothing more than passing out to inexperienced smokers (they’re mild) or to smoke in the yard (they’re cheap).

(Total:  7.9)

Question of the Day: How do you light your cigar?