Coffee Review: Sumatra Mandehling, RockStone Premium Coffees


label_sumatra_mandehlingCompany: RockStone Premium Coffee (of Jameson Cigars)

Bean Origin or Blend: Sumatra Mandehling

Body: Medium-Full

Roast: Medium

Brew Method: Drip

Price: $14/lb.

This particular roast comes from North Sumatra (Indonesia), a region that has been producing coffee since the 18th century. Mandehling gets its name from one of the Indonesain ethnic groups, the people of Mandailing, and not a particular region of Indonesia. There is a legend as to how the name came into use for coffee trade, which you can read here. Also of interest is the different spelling of the word, whereas some sell the coffee under the “e” in Mandehling coming prior to the “h” while other reverse the order.

Indonesian coffee is interesting and unique in that there is a tendency to over roast the coffee due to the slow coloring effect on Indonesian beans. Check out Sweet Marias’ website for more information on this great coffee region.

RockStone Coffee is just getting started and has been introduced by Brad Mayo, president of Jameson Cigars. Check them out here. Their coffee is sold in one pound bags and 4 oz. bags. From the website:

Born from the quest for the ultimate coffee experience, RockStone Coffee represents the diverse regions, roasts, and blends that capture the imagination and stimulate the mind. Explore our artisanal coffees and discover those that kindle your spirit. Each distinguished batch is micro-roasted and crafted for a distinctively original experience.

Sumatra Man_image

The SM has low acidity with only tiny bits of tartness. This is a thick coffee with a medium-full body. The flavor profile is very earthy and smoky, with hints of non-bitter chocolate on the finish. The balance on this coffee is excellent and it possesses a very consistent complexity with no one dominating flavor—however, this is by no means a clean coffee (free from flavor) but rather it possesses a wonderful, non-overpowering profile.

At $14 per pound, this is a great micro-roasted coffee. RockStone has the benefit of being connected to a cigar company and they often offer coffee/cigar combos at reduced rates. For this reason, there is a nice added value to be found for cigar smokers when purchasing a pound of RockStone. I enjoy Indonesian coffee and the flavor and body on the Manehling were very pleasant; I would definitely add this to my rotation.