Toast of the Week (2/2/10)


Another week without snow in Middle Georgia, though I much prefer no snow than being snowed in like others across the Northeast and Midwest! We’ve moved into February, which means our first contest of 2010 has ended and we’ve got a winner to announce very soon; he will be taking home a box of Exile Maduro Robustos. Also, we finished with our strongest month yet and we’d like to thank everyone who stopped by.

This was another great week around the blogs. The more we read the more we are impressed by the brothers and sisters out there working hard to support the tobacco industry! The information shared and the support of each other is a great testament to what we love! So, on to the toast!

  • Smoking Stogie has a guest post from a buddy that just returned from a trip to Esteli, Nicaragua. The pictures are amazing; this was one of the best posts I’ve seen in quite a while! Toast it here.
  • The Cigar Nut had an eventful week! He reviewed the Don Pepin Cuban Classic and also opened up a small can when posting his first rant. Toast it here and here.
  • Barry over at A Cigar Smoker posted his review of the Arturo Fuente Rosado Sungrown; he also threw one of these in the cigar/twitter pass and I scooped it up. I can’t wait to smoke it! Toast it here.
  • Walt from the Stogie Review has a great article on what to expect when entering a local B&M; it applies to both the seasoned smoker and the newbie. Toast it here.
  • And, one big toast to everyone that participated in the cigar/twitter pass! Toast these great folks with a follow: @nyisles, @smokescore, @TheCigarChick, @tonycasas, @buckheadcigar, @timdavis, @TimD_C4, @shiru54, @ChiefHava, @keith1911, @cigarsthomas, @LarryFrieders, @bmaphis, @jcruz, and @ELDogStar.