Boutique Wednesday Cigar Review: Cameroon Label Cameroon

Size: 5×50, Robusto

Wrapper: West African Cameroon

Filler: Dominican

Strength: Medium

Price: Box of 20, $45.95 at

Grade: 8.2

Packed in boxes of 20 and available in 4 sizes, the Cameroon Label does not stray far from the House Blends lineup. Another stick produced at the famed Tabadom Factory, the folks at recommend this stick to lovers of the Fuente Don Carlos and Hemingway, Partagas, or Romeo y Julieta. I will say that this stick reminded me a bit of the RyJ 1875. Billed as a solid medium, the Cameroon is protected by a unique West African wrapper and is filled with Dominican tobacco.

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Now, on to the toasting.

Pre-light, 1.5:
The aroma on the Cameroon was of clean and sweet tobacco, similar to that of polished furniture in an antique shop. The aroma was a bit sweeter at the foot and mellowed toward the head. The cold draw produced some very sweet notes complemented by a raw sugar undertone. The exterior was pretty rugged, with a ragged cap and a dry wrapper that seemed to lack any oils. There was however no soft spots to speak of and minimal veins showed up on this medium dark wrapper. The wrapper was simple and didn’t exactly excite you about toasting it.

Burn, 1.8:
The Cameroon had an excellent draw and was not quite as loose as the other House Blends have been; the burn is also a bit slower. There is a great hold to the ash with a nicely stacked white ash. There was no touch up required on the Cameroon and the straight edged ring of ash held well throughout.

Flavor, 2.3:
The first third of this smoke felt a bit empty on flavor with just a mild sweetness dominating the smoke—this is to be expected in some smokes but not in a cigar billed as a solid medium. As the stick progressed, only a minimal body arrived and it remained consistently smooth, reminding me a bit of the Cu-Avana Maduro. The final two inches of the smoke burned bitter and a bit hot and I would definitely not classify this a being a solid medium, perhaps a Mild-Medium would be most appropriate.

Overall, 2.6:
On the plus side, I will say that at times this stick reminded me a bit of the RyJ 1875 and so, in some ways, it is as advertised. Once again, this is an excellent value at around $2.25 a stick. Given the improved appearance and burn, this stick stands above the other House blends in these categories, though it fails to keep the high standards in the flavor profile. The flavor never materialized for me but it was a good Mild-Medium smoke that would accompany you well during yard work. I enjoyed this stick to the nub and at this price point I do recommend this stick, despite the low-8 score.

(Total: 8.2)

Question of the Day: How much does price affect your cigar purchases?