Cigar Poll: Should We Continue Scoring Our Reviews

Toasted Foot_Logo_webTo Score or Not To Score…

We need some reader help! There are lots of opinions out there on whether cigar review websites should give a score when they review a cigar. It is a subjective practice and, besides, most people either ignore them completely or take the opposite approach, and pay more attention to the score than they should. Some say leave the scoring to the professionals, such as the magazines, while others say that even they are often off based. Everyone has an opinion, and ours may be starting to change!

The website you look at today is version 3.0 and we’ve scored cigars on a 10 point scale on each version, dating back to 2008. As we’ve continued to review cigars, we’ve also noticed that we have an awful lot of cigars falling in the 8.7-9.1 range. This is in part because of our habits – we usually have a decent idea of the cigar before smoking it, we work within the same price range most of the time, and there aren’t a ton of cigars that either make you angry for wasting your time or make you exuberant for sending you toward tobacco ecstasy – most cigars are in that mid, 8.7-9.1 range, in my opinion, and I’m great with that – that is a great score in my mind.

So, the question for today’s post, for which we need some reader support, is whether we at Toasted Foot should continue to score our reviews. We need your most honest feedback – do you ignore the scores and think they are worthless and overly subjective, do scores detract from the review, or do scores add to the review?Help us out!

We’d like for you to answer the poll in our first sidebar to the right and leave a comment on this post, if you’re so inclined. It would be a huge help to us as we continue to move forward. And thank you for all of your support!

Jed and Matt, Toasted Foot