Cigar Review Roundup: House Blends

The wrapper was clean and pretty smooth, with a few non-obtrusive wrappers and a bit of plume, but there were several green spots toward the foot of the smoke and an oddly swiveled cap on this Torpedo. The blue stick lit perfectly and a nice even ring formed at the base. The ash was a very clean white/grey that stacked well  with a medium draw held throughout. The flavor on this stick was a real treat; the first few puffs presented a gentle burst of pepper that quickly passed into a licorice-type sweetness. The sweetness  slight shifts in complexity carried the Blue. 8.8/10 (Full Review)

On the pre-light draw, uhere is a very sweet and pleasant espresso with a slight spicy undertone at the foot. The ash started off very poorly with a big split down the middle. Once I ashed at the one inch mark it corrected itself and burned great. Up front there was a fairly strong shot of pepper with a bit of body to accompany it—the Brazilian introduces itself well. The dryness picked up on the pre-light continued throughout the smoke and the finish reminded me of the smell from wet lumber.  8.6/10 (Full Review)
On the plus side, I will say that at times this stick reminded me a bit of the RyJ 1875 and so, in some ways, it is as advertised. Once again, this is an excellent value at around $2.25 a stick. Given the improved appearance and burn, this stick stands above the other House blends in these categories, though it fails to keep the high standards in the flavor profile. The flavor never materialized for me but it was a good Mild-Medium smoke that would accompany you well during yard work. I enjoyed this stick to the nub and at this price point I do recommend this stick, despite the low-8 score. 8.2/10 (Full Review)

A pretty decent appearance on the Corojo Label. The easy draw, coupled with the coolness of the smoke, really made it an enjoyable experience even with the lack of complexity. The cigar produced notes of earth, leaning towards a peat type finish that was dry and not very long; mixed in these notes were hints of sweetness and leather. There was some spice and harshness in parts of the smoke, even though the smoke was cool.You can tell has worked on this blend with Don Pepin Garcia to get the most they can for the money and it translated well. 8.5/10 (Full Review)

The wrapper has prominent veins and a very sloppy cap. The cigar is very light and spongy in spots, especially toward the foot. The draw is loose and the ash does not hold well, but this is not surprising considering the construction of the smoke. There were no re-lights or touch ups required and the smoke produced tons of smoke at a good temperature. The flavor on the Cuban was great, with earthy notes of tobacco, pepper, leather, and a hint of sweetness. The Cuban worked through thirds, though they were quite subtle. Not exactly the most complex smoke but consistent and tasty. 8.5/10 (Full Review)

This stick has decent weight and is firm to the touch throughout–not one soft spot was detected. The Connecticut shade wrapper is simply and elegantly wrapped and has only slightly noticeable veins. The Purple lit perfectly with a medium draw. The ash had a superb hold and fell only at my encouragement. The burn on this smoke was not hot but moved up the stick very fast. One of the creamiest smoke I’ve had. The flavor of this cigar matched that of the pre-light draw and reminded me of hazelnut flavored coffee creamer—very thick and sweet. 8.9/10 (Full Review)

A very rustic looking smoke with a heavy, leathery appearance and a very dark and oily Broadleaf Maduro wrapper. The draw was nice, with plenty of smoke being emitted, but the burn was incredibly fast and jagged. The Red introduces itself well with some hearty spice up front that soon mellows into a very smooth and creamy smoke. The maduro produced the characteristic sweet creaminess that you expect and the Dominican filler complemented the sweet wrapper very well by adding a bit of spiciness and complexity to the flavor profiles. A great wrapper/filler combination. 8.6/10 (Full Review)