Toast of the Week (3/9/10)

This has been an exciting week as buzz continues for the quarter one releases of 2010; the first two have already arrived, the El Triunfador and  Nestor Miranda Dominicano, andAVO LE10 and Nosotros should be just around the corner! It looks like we’ll be making a trip North to Atlanta to check out some of the B&M’s!

The Spring weather that has graced Georgia over the last week or two has allowed some extra outdoor smoking and it has been a great change of pace! The Cigarpass of 2010 finally made its way back to the original passer, so I’d like to give a big shout out to Barry, Lindsay, and Tony for getting this started – great job everyone!

Now, on to the Toasts!

  • Ed with Cigar Inspector lights up the Liga Privada No. 9 Toro. He gives it a perfect rating, but does he justify it? Toast it here.
  • Brooks over at The Smoking Stogie proves once again that he has the largest cigar budget around. His latest post shows off his recent acquisitions. You’ll be amazed! Toast it here.
  • The Perfect Draw, whose tag line is “Smoking Cigars for the Children”, takes on the Camacho Select, for the children, of course. Toast it here.
  • Cigar Jack completes a Cigar Chat via Twitter on the Jameson Declaration – get 8 opinions on this relatively new cigar. Toast it here.
  • Finally, I’m not sure that we ever gave a toast to Cigar Stash. This is a great new site that has a searchable database of online cigar sales. It also has a feed for some of the more popular cigar blogs. Toast it here.