Product Review: Don Salvatore Heirloom Collection Humidor


DS_stock2Manufacturer: Don Salvatore
Heirloom Collection, 25 Count Rosewood Humidor
Distributor: Humidor Vault
Features: Mahogany core, Magnetic lid, Digital hygrometer
Cost: $179.99 (here)

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DS3The first thing that jumped out to me was the Rosewood finish of this humidor. As the owner of two rosewood guitars, I was drawn to the texture and pattern of the wood finish immediately. The wood was polished to a beautiful, lacquered finish that highlighted the quality of construction on the exterior of this humidor. As I picked up the humidor for the first time, I noticed that the weight was substantial for a smaller humidor, which was a result of the mahogany core. The bottom of the humidor was protected by a velvet type material and I find this to be a nice touch.

DS1Opening the Don Salvatore, I was drawn to two things. The walls were extremely thick, I would say close to an inch, and the gold plated hinges are extremely sturdy. Upon further inspection, I noticed that the Spanish cedar is flawless and the humidor comes with one divider to organize your smokes. As I inspected the corners, the joints were constructed flawlessly and were seamless where the corners met.

Another highlight of this humidor was the humidification system, which included a digital hygrometer that attached to the top of the lid via a magnetic back that is completely covered by the solid cedar interior wall. This produced a very user friendly humidor with no adhesive tape or mounting to contend with.

DS4I seasoned the humidor, loaded the humidification device, and placed the hygrometer to check the levels. The Don Salvatore held the ideal 65%, so I loaded it up with a few of my favorite smokes, lidded it and walked away. Letting it rest for a couple of days, I came back to find good levels with no fluctuations according to the max/min feature on the hygrometer.

DS_stock1As with many things in life, the details are the difference. The mahogany core, sturdy hinges, and thick walls are what make this humidor a winner. The extra weight of the lid make for a tight seal, the thick walls provide a barrier for fluctuations, and the sturdy hinges make for an excellent product. While not a budget humidor by any stretch, I will say this humidor is well worth the money. It would be an excellent purchase for display on a desk or in a study, perfectly suited for those special smokes on those special occasions.

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