Toast of the Week (4/12/10)


I hope everyone is doing well and continuing to enjoy the beautiful weather! It was another great week with some great sports for all tastes- Baseball kicked off, the Master’s tournament welcomed back Tiger,  Nascar had a Saturday evening race, and there are only a handfull of NBA games remaining before the playoffs begin!

Before we get into the toasts, I would just like to thank everyone that spends a little bit of time on our website. We have such a great time with it – we love crafting reviews and trying new cigars, seeing the excitement over contests, and we’ve really enjoyed having a weekly spot for coffee over the last few months, our second great love! It really is a joy to connect with our readers, to meet new smokers through Twitter and Facebook, and to learn more and more about the industry. The cigar community is such a great group to be a part of!

So, here are our toasts for this week!

  • The Cigar Nut welcomes Jacob aboard for a guest review of the Drew Estate Dirty Rat. Toast it here.
  • Tom’s Cigars has a cool post on his new Table Top Torch (From a Creme Brulee set!). Toast it here.
  • Fire up that Cigar takes on a new layout. Toast it here.
  • Keepers of the Flame has a great article on Cigar Chemistry. Toast it here.
  • And give a Tuesday Follow to Bryan White of 13th Floor Cigars. They are launching their new cigar line this summer. Check him out online and give him a follow on Twitter.