Toast of the Week (4/20/10)


Are there better ways to spend your weekend than at your wife’s 10 year highschool reunion? Absolutely, about a million last time I checked…but it actually wasn’t that bad, aside from watching their hour and a half long senior video. The highlight? The part of the video where everyone says what they want to do after graduation – college plans, career aspirations, marriage, and so on – and then comparing that to what they actually are doing now. That was fun!

Now, let’s get to these toasts…

  • Denis over at The Cigar Inspector has a review of the newly released Montecristo 75th Aniversario. Toast it here.
  • If you enjoy our weekly roundups, be sure to visit Barry’s Sunday Links over at A Cigar Smoker. This week he gives his MLB predictions. Toast it here.
  • Tony at Casas Fumando recently swapped posts with us and we had a great time. Toast Tony’s guest post of the Liga Privada Flying Pig here and toast our guest post of the San Cristobal here.