Cigar Review: Nestor Miranda 1989


Size: 6 1/8×52, Torpedo

Wrapper: Nicaraguan Oscuro

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaragua (Esteli & Jalapa)

Strength: Medium

Price: $5.50

Grade: 8.7

NestorMiranda1989_2The next cigar in the Nestor Miranda Collection, the 1989 began hitting B&M’s on May 1st across the country. The name honors the founding year of Miami Cigar & Company and presents a Nicaraguan puro manufactured by My Father Cigar Corporation. Nestor Miranda described to Don Pepin Garcia his desired flavor and body, and also his interest in keeping the cigar around $5 a stick. To help achieve the price point, the 1989 has sandwich filler, with two thirds long filler and one third medium filler.

With the particular flavor, body, and price, Miami Cigar believes the 1989, along with the recent introduction of the Dominicano, completes the Nestor Miranda Collection, providing something for every palate and pocketbook. Available in three sizes (Robusto, Toro, and Torpedo), the 1989 comes in both an Oscuro and a Rosado wrapper.

We’ve reviewed the Nestor Miranda Special Selection (here) and the Dominicano (here), and we were excited about this new release. We’d also like to mention that Miami Cigar & Company is a sponsor of Toasted Foot.

Now, let’s get to the toast.

Pre-light, 1.6:
The wrapper on the 1989 is medium brown with noticeable veins and seams and the weight of the cigar is not as heavy or as tightly packed as it appears after a roll in my fingers; all 5 samples were quite loosely constructed. The pre-light aroma is of dry tobacco with a hint of spicy barnyard at the foot. The cold draw does not produce a wealth of notes, but I did pick up nutty tobacco with a hint of spice on the finish. The band on this smoke fits the year of 1989 well with the purple really making the gold script an eye catcher.

Burn, 1.7:
The torpedo cut, toasted, and lit well, and produced a large volume of smoke. The draw is loose but the smoke temperature is not as warm as I anticipated and is very pleasing to the palate. The ash is white with some dark layers in the filler and it holds well past an inch before crashing into the ashtray. The cigar required no touch ups or re-lights and was consistent from start to finish. The smoke temperature did increase towards the end but that is to be expected.

Flavor, 2.7:
As I take the first puff, I notice the smoke is very airy and loose with notes of tobacco and spice. The first third follows this trend but, as I get past the first half inch, there are some nutty flavors that are introduced along with some coffee type flavors. The second third is fuller with a heavier flavor profile but the notes are the same, consisting of light tobacco, nuts, and some coffee. I also pick up hints of spice on the short finish. As I move into the final third, the Nestor Miranda is consistent in regard to the flavor profile. The spice picks up a bit, but other than that the smoke continues as described above.

Overall, 2.7:
Priced at $5.50 a stick, this cigar is worth the money. Thought not a complex powerhouse of flavor, it is consistent and pleasing on the palate. There are other cigars out there in this price point that are better, but for variety I encourage you to pick a couple of these up.

(Total: 8.7)

Question of the Day: Does a loose roll and draw affect your smoking experience negatively?