Product Review: Lighters (Blazer and Nibo)

Today’s product review comes courtesy of Cheap Humidors and Buy Lighters. Be sure to check them out online and give them a follow on Twitter. Today, we’ll be taking a look at two of their lighters.

Blazer PB207 Torch Lighter (Here)

Pocket Micro Torch

Pocket Micro Torch 2Right off the bat this first thing I like about this lighter is the ability to see the fuel in the unit. No guessing on whether you need to re-load or not, a nice touch. The lighter has an adjustable flame and locking mechanism on the side. I used it on the lowest setting possible and found this was more than adequate for toasting and lighting my sticks.

The child proof firing mechanism takes a little getting used to but once you figure it out it is no problem. The Blazer fired up every time and held a steady torch flame during lighting.  The cap to protect the burner fits well and keeps particles out of the way for consistent operation. I have enjoyed this lighter, not a big fan of the aesthetics, but it is a nice product that works well. The price point is in line with the quality in my opinion; this is not going to last forever, but I think you can get forty dollars worth out of it easy.

In the interest of full disclosure, the first sample sent to me was faulty but after contacting the supplier I was promptly sent another one with a pre-paid envelop enclosed to send the first sample back. The customer service department at and is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

Nibo Effect 71 Single Flame Butane Lighter (Here)

Nibo Effect 1

Nibo Effect 2When the two lighters arrived in the mail I immediately fought for the Nibo! The look on it was very sleek and the method for lighting is a lot of fun, requiring you to flip back the top and slide the fire lever downward – it felt very James Bond like to me!

As I’ve used the Nibo over the last two or three months, it has been extremely reliable and consistent. The torch is solid and doesn’t break at all from the wind or after being held open for a long period of time. I’ve filled it a few times and each time it has fired back up immediately. Most impressive to me about this lighter is the price; I am not sure what it usually sells for, but the sales price is currently $17.99, which to me, is a bargain. Nibo lighters also come with a lifetime warranty with no questions asked. I used both lighters and the Nibo worked better than the higher priced Blazer reviewed above.

The Nibo also has a nice weight to it and a very sturdy exterior; in my opinion this is an excellent lighter and stands well above other butane lighters I’ve used, both in price and quality.