Product Review: Medici 500ct. Cigar Foot Locker Humidor

humi_1Manufacturer: Medici

Product: 500ct. Cigar Foot Locker

Distributor: Humidor Vault

Features: SureSeal Technology, 2 trays and 2 dividers, Piano hinges

Price: $174.99 (Here)

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For those of you that have need for extra storage but would prefer to not use a cooler, this may be your best option for the money. At under $200, you can easily fit several hundred cigars and, if you use your Tetris skills on the inside and remove all the trays and dividers, you can easily fit inside 15+ boxes of cigars.

When the humidor arrived I was shocked by the size – the pictures online simply do not do it humi_2justice. The weight is not too bad empty, but once full the handles on the side are essential. The exterior is covered in a walnut finish and some forums have noted that it is rather thin and overtime begins to chip. From my inspection it looks to be no thinner than other humidors I’ve used in the past.

The main features on the exterior of the humidor are two handles which are very sturdy and easily support lifting the full humidor across the room. There is a felt lined bottom that is helpful if you plan to place this atop a piece of furniture, though by the size I imagine most folks will leave it on the floor. The components are solid on the Medici, with thick, gold piano hinges and a firm locking system that comes with your typical humidor key. The humidity components are nothing special – just your standard analog hygrometer and 2 sponge pads encased in a thicker than normal plastic.

humi_3When you first pop the top on the humidor and peer down it reminds you of a small well! It’s huge and deep – the two top trays are a nice option for keeping your go to smokes away from the lower storage. The lower storage comes with two removable dividers that are the full depth of the humidor and reach to where the trays begin to stack. The high capacity storage option comes into play if you utilize the lower dividers and simply stack loose cigars on top of each other all the way to where the trays begin to stack at the top. The dividers will support this method, but if you like to keep your cigars organized like me, this is not your best option.

humi_5humi_7 If you can find some well sized cigar boxes, that are more wide and flat than thin and tall, you’ll be in business. I chose to go to Walmart and purchase 6 plastic shelves that hold two rows of cigars nicely – I can get about 25-30 cigars per tray; I then cut pieces of Plexiglas the size of the tray top, which allows for easy stacking. This was a cheap and easy option to maximize the organizational ability.

humi_4So far the seal on this humidor has been excellent; in fact, with the Georgia humidity lately, I haven’t had to use much at all to keep my sticks around 65%. One bit of warning though – the cedar in this humidor is rather thin in spots, which I learned the hard way. I’ve always treated my humidors by wetting a cloth with distilled water and lightly coating the wood. I usually do this a total of 3-5 times, after each coat dries, and then place a small container of distilled water in the bottom for about 36 hours to allow any extra humidity to be absorbed. On this humidor, the coating of the cedar actually resulted in a warp on the lower dividers and the base of the humidor. The sidewalls, lid, and trays were fine, but the coating on the interior bottom is apparently rather thin, so take this into consideration when you prepare to treat it.

I have been very pleased with this humidor, especially since figuring out how to maximize the space while also maintaining an organized interior (this took some time). So, if you need the space and don’t want to either go for a cooler or a wineador, this is a great option, and under $200.

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