Toast of the Week (5/4/10)


Is it seriously May already? This is by far the fastest a year has ever gone by for me.

Another week gone and another week of breaking cigar news, where a merger was announced between Scandinavian Tobacco and Swedish Match; the merge will incorporate CAO, General Cigar, and Cigars International. Also announced this week, EO Brands, maker of 601 and Cubao among others, will break from Miami Cigar as their distributor in an effort to lower prices.

And a couple reminders: Don’t forget about our new contest and be sure to check out our new article, Why I Love Cigars.

I hope everyone finished April strong and healthy! Here are our toasts.

  • New Havana Cigars released a house brand, which is made by Pete Johnson of Tatuaje. NHC is the local B&M of Dan Reeve at Crooked Burn and he reviewed both the Natural and the Reserva. Toast it here and here.
  • Walt and Mike from Stogie Review attended CI’s Cigar Fest over the weekend and took a bit of time to interview Jon Huber of CAO. Toast it here.
  • Cigar Choice takes on the Winston Churchill #10. Toast it here.
  • Brooks over at The Smoking Stogie reviews the original La Flor Dominicana, the Los Libertadores. Toast it here.
  • The boys at Casas Fumando bust out their first video review. Toast it here.