New Toasted Foot Logo?

The cigar community is the best around, and we’ve discovered recently that the coffee community aint too far behind. Since we started reviewing coffee a few months back, we’ve met some great folks.

One of those is Lisa Rotenberg, of She has become a good friend and she recently sent me a surprising email. It went like this. “Hi Matt! I have a bit of a surprise for you and I hope we can figure out a way to use them. I had this big idea and I created these images in photoshop.”

So, I opened the attachments and this is what I found!

toasted foot postcards 1

Toasted Foot Image

How cool are those!? Lisa’s folks are in the hot dog business and that is where the idea came from. We haven’t quite decided what to do with the images, so if you have some ideas leave us a message. For now, we’ll park them on our About page.

Be sure to check out for some great, rare coffees, and visit Lisa’s online portfolio as well!

Take care folks!