Toast of the Week (6/1/10)


I hope everyone had a safe and restful Memorial Day Weekend. I had nearly forgotten the reason for the holiday, and then I coincidentally watched The Hurt Locker yesterday, which chronicles a bomb squad in Iraq – it was a tremendous wake up call to all that is going on around us and my appreciation for the holiday and for the troops and veterans was again realized.

As we move into June we are likely seeing some of the newly released sticks making their way into our B&M, and even some online spots, and we start looking forward to the August releases at IPCPR. What a great transition time for smokers!

So, how did everyone spend their Memorial Day? Leave a comment and let us know! Now, let’s get to the toasts.

  • Smoking Stogie smokes the pre-release Tatuaje Petit Cazadore Reserva. Toast it here.
  • A Cigar Smoker takes on the newly released Camacho LegendArio. Toast it here.
  • The Velvet Cigar takes on the CRA Edition of the Liga Privada No. 9. Toast it here.
  • The Stogie Guys have a quick smoke of the Illusione Cuchillos Cubanos 47. Toast it here.
  • Hop over to Matt’ Cigar Journal and help him decide which cigar to fire in celebration of the blog’s 5 year anniversary. Toast it here.