Toast of the Week (6/14/10)


What’s the worst way to endure 90 degree heat in the middle of Georgia? Doing it without an air conditioner of course. On Saturday my AC stopped working, as in, it ran all day and wouldn’t get below 78 inside, and then cut off completely. The solution, a new unit – oh, and the furnace is crap too. On the plus side, they did both last nearly 25 years, so it is what it is I suppose. We’ve been temporarily displaced for a few days while we get up and running again.

Enough of that. There was lots of good stuff around the web this week,  so let’s get straight to it.

  • Mike over at Stogie Review takes on the LegendArio from Camacho. Toast it here.
  • Don, a buddy from Cigar Asylum, is now on Twitter, so here’s a toast to that, and to his great review site. Toast it here and here.
  • M.J., a buddy from the Cigar Asylum, posted a review of the Nub Barberpole. Toast it here.
  • Barry over at A Cigar Smoker started a new segment called The Week in Review. Toast it here.
  • Puffing Cigars has a great write up on smoking pure grades from his recent trip to the La Aurora Factory. Toast it here.