Toast of the Week (6/21/10)


Another week, another toast. We’re going to be working in fast forward over the next few weeks as both of us here at Toasted Foot will be traveling for business and for vacation. So, if we’re a bit unresponsive, give us a bit of time! We’ll be scheduling most of our posts over the next 2-3 weeks but will pop in to stay up on Twitter and Facebook and of course Toasted Foot.

Let us know what your summer travel plans are, we’d love to hear them, and maybe even cross paths for a smoke! Now, here are our toasts for this week!

  • Jerry from Stogie Review fires up the Kendall 7-20-4. Toast it here.
  • Keepers of the Flame has an aging report on the Troya Clasico LXIII. Toast it here.
  • Chris from Nice Tight Ash takes a look at Nick’s Sticks from Nick Perdomo. Toast it here.
  • Dan from The Crooked Burn smokes the newly released Illusione Epernay Le Matin. Toast it here.