Cigar Review: Illusione Epernay


Size: 4.5×44, Le Petite

Wrapper: Sun grown Corojo ’99 (Café Rosado)

Binder: Nicaraguan

Filler: Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium

Price: Cabinet of 50, $332.50

Grade: 9.4

Illusione is of course well known in the cigar industry – Dion Giolito is responsible for the Illusione, Epernay, Cruzado, and the mixed filler Cuchillos Cubanos.

The Illusione Epernay from Dion debuted in 2008 and was patterned after a special release in honor of the European Cigar Cult Journal’s 15th Anniversary, the eccj – the eccj came in one size, a 5 5/8×46 Corona Gorda. The Epernay is a milder cigar than the eccj and has a more extensive size line, with a sixth vitola introduced in 2010. The available sizes are all sold in Cabinets of 50:

Le Petite – 4 1/2 x 44
Le Ferme – 48 x 5 1/4
Le Elegance – 5 3/4 x 40
Le Grande – 6 x 46
Le Monde – 6 1/4 x 52

* And new for 2010, is the Le Matin, a box pressed 6.75×46 that is sold in boxes of 25 rather than Cabinets of 50.

The Epernay is named for the center of France’s Champagne region, and is said to be a blend that pairs ideally with the bubbly drink, although I did not test this theory. The Epernay is a Nicaraguan puro with tobacco from two farms and a shade grown Corojo ’99 wrapper. It is produced in the Raices Cubanas factory in Honduras, like other Illusione cigars.

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Now, on to the review.

Pre-light, 2.0:
The wrapper on the Epernay is stunning – a silky smooth, chocolate brown wrapper with a flawless roll, minimal veins, a perfect triple cap, no soft spots, and dark, leathery spotting – flawless. Despite the petite size, the cigar has a nice weight to it. The draw is open and produces a muted profile for the most part. The aroma on the stick is the same from cap to foot – very rich and full, with a velvety profile, sweet cedar notes, and some mustiness along the edges. Overall, this is one of the best looking sticks I’ve ever held.

Burn, 1.8:
The burn produces a plentiful amount of smoke with an effortless draw and a cool temperature from start to finish. The ash is well colored, but a bit loose and flaky along the edges, though this is not abnormal for the ring gauge size.

Flavor, 2.8:
The spice on this cigar is as it should be (according to my flavor palate) – mild, unpronounced, and a compliment to the rest of the flavor profile. Due to the size, this cigar works more into halves, with a mild spice and woody profile running the full length of the cigar. The first half produces creamy notes of honey, graham cracker, and a buttery cedar, while the second half brings a dryer profile with cedar and some bordering oak notes. As the cigar progresses the profile becomes less erratic and creates a calm, gentle, and smooth finish.

Overall, 2.8:
Is this the ultimate mild experience? It’s close, I’ll say that. With a gorgeous wrapper, an effortless burn, and a complex flavor profile, the Epernay is quite an experience. There is however one problem for me – the Epernay line is only sold in singles, five packs, and cabinets of 50; even at the cabinet quantity, the single price is still over $6.50 for a 30 minute smoke – these aren’t cheap. I’ve seen quite a few forum posts for cabinet splits, so there is always a way around it if you really enjoy the stick. This is definitely something I plan to keep around at all times in my humidor, but I don’t see myself investing in a Cabinet just for myself.

(Total: 9.4)