Cigar Review: Smoke Magazine, Sample #23

Smoke Magazine

A few months ago Evan Dashevsky gave us an opportunity to review some samples for an upcoming issue of Smoke Magazine. Within a couple days of the email, we received 4 different cigars, with 3 samples of each. It was our first blind tasting and the reveal was not made until after we submitted our reviews. The Spring issue should be hitting stands very soon.

This week, we’ll be posting our notes from the four reviews on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, so stay tuned! And be sure to visit Smoke Magazine online and on Twitter. The reveal is made at the bottom of the post.

Smoke Magazine Sample #23

Aesthetics, 90 – An oily exterior complements this medium brown wrapper that is consistent in color, leathery and dry, and fairly smooth. Between the triple cap and well packed foot, there are noticeable horizontal and vertical veins and bumps throughout.

Construction, 88 – The samples are very firm to the touch, though not as heavy as I anticipated when held in my palm. The pre-light aroma is earthy with a more mature tobacco scent at the foot. The draw is excellent and emits an adequate amount of smoke; the ash is consistently medium gray but holds very loosely and flakes along the edges.  The burn line is razor sharp but the cigar did require a re-light and some attention between puffs.

Flavor and Strength, 90 – A pleasing flavor profile is highlighted by a rich earthy tobacco and spice that is prevalent throughout and increases toward the end. The smoke coats the palate well and produces a long finish that is meaty in texture. The cigar is moderately complex and builds in flavor, becoming increasingly fuller, spicier, and heavier as it progresses. The aroma of the smoke is heavy but pleasant and the strength is medium to full with leanings toward full as I take it to the nub.

General Comments – This is a solid smoke that I would purchase again – it was easily enjoyable with water, beer, and red wine. Each of the samples was consistent and pleasing to the palate with little variations among them.

Overall: 89

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