Cigar Review: Smoke Magazine, Sample #24

Smoke Magazine

We recently had the honor of being panelists for Smoke Magazine and this week we are sharing with you our four blind reviews. Today is our second installment. Once again, the reveal is made at the end of the post.

Smoke Magazine Sample #24

Aesthetics, 90 Clean exterior with spider web veins and a few stalks, the exaggerated length creates a powerful presence that is crowned with a triple cap. There is a minimal amount of oil and tooth that presents a light sheen on the almond wrapper. The seams on the roll are hard to detect and the overall presence is smooth and subtle.

Construction, 87 Despite the size, this is a feathery light smoke that is quite spongy when rolled between your fingers. The draw is open and a bit loose, which fits with the sponginess, and the smoke emitted is thick and sweetly aromatic. The ash is colored a nice gray but is rather soft and fell on me several times. The burn reveals an average construction that requires no touch-ups or re-lights but burns rather quickly and hilly at times.

Flavor and Strength, 90 – A mild pepper is present on the light but quickly fades into a more subtle flavor profile of cashews and almonds with a vegetal background. The overall body is mild with touches of medium and a short finish with little aftertaste. There is a slight bit of harshness in the back of the throat which fades as the smoke progresses. This cigar becomes more pleasant as it burns with a build in flavor that includes appearances from cinnamon and graham cracker. Overall, this is a very smooth and gentle smoke.

General Comments – The three samples were aesthetically and constructionally consistent. I enjoyed these with a simple glass of water while winding down the day – it would also be a great morning smoke with coffee. I would purchase this cigar again but would look for a smaller size. Overall, a very pleasant cigar with an interesting and engaging flavor profile, an enjoyable draw, and a buttery smooth exterior.

Overall: 89

Reveal: The Griffins, Prestige