Cigar Review: Smoke Magazine, Sample #25

Smoke Magazine

We recently had the honor of being panelists for Smoke Magazine and we are sharing with you our four blind reviews. Today is our third installment. Once again, the reveal is made at the end of the post.

Smoke Magazine Sample #25

Aesthetics, 84 – Sporting a light to medium brown wrapper that is veiny and toothy, the cigar had a very rugged and aged leather type appearance. The figurado foot was sloppy but the cap was very clean with a good transitional roll toward the thinner cap.

Construction, 79 – Supported by a very solid weight with nice packing, the pre-light aroma is of clean tobacco with an attic note and a pinch of spice. The draw has some resistance as it moves through the uniquely shaped foot, but opens up shortly after. Multiple touch ups and a couple of re-lights are needed to keep the cigar going and any amount of rest between puffs would require a re-light. The ash was very flaky and uneven in color and the smoke temperature was warm due to the work required to secure a good mouthful of smoke.

Flavor and Strength, 86 – A lively flavor profile that is both sweet and spicy, with a full body, this cigar carefully works through thirds. The first third is sweet with a lively tobacco and no spice, while spice does arrive along the edges of the tongue in the second third – this portion of the smoke also has oily wood and airy mint characteristics. In the final third, the spice becomes more pronounced but the main flavor remains a lively tobacco.

General Comments – Keeping the cigar lit was a challenge and reminded me of smoking a full ligero smoke in that regard. The smoke itself was dense, but on the palate it was light and the finish was never as heavy as I anticipated. I sampled this cigar with water and coffee and the strength was full in my opinion. I would not seek this smoke out for purchase; the work required to keep it even and lit outweighed the pleasant flavor profile.

Overall: 83

Reveal: H.V.A Series, Murciélago (Perfecto), from Lucas De Meester Premium Cigars