Cigar Review: Smoke Magazine, Sample #26

Smoke Magazine

We recently had the honor of being panelists for Smoke Magazine and we are sharing with you our four blind reviews. Today is our final installment; once again, the reveal is made at the end of the post.

Smoke Magazine Sample #26

Aesthetics, 78 – The cigar sports an incredibly dark and oily wrapper – too dark in fact. As the wrapper becomes wet your fingers and lips are coated in dye and everything you touch is darkened. The double cap is fairly clean and it crowns a very delicate, brittle, and wrinkly wrapper. Each of the three samples had a wrapper flaw and the only consistency was in the size and gauge.

Construction, 80 – A quick roll between the fingers reveals a solid roll with few soft spots, though the cigar is a bit light in weight. The draw is adequate and the burn never gets hot, even when working toward the nub. The smoke emitted is thick and sweetly aromatic. The ash holds very well and stacks into a uniformly white-gray colored sheet, though it does burn a bit hilly at times. The pre-light aroma is quite rich with notes of port, espresso, and bitter cocoa, while the draw reveals vegetal and cedar undertones.

Flavor and Strength, 84 – A classic and pleasant flavor profile that works its way through thirds, this is a medium to full bodied smoke with some harshness up front, a dry and short finish, and a full sensation throughout. Dominated by a dry pepper, there are also notes of espresso and moist wood. Though not incredibly complex, the shifts in flavor does help create an intriguing and engaging smoke.

General Comments – Not much to look at or hold, this cigar does have an interesting flavor profile and a very pleasing aroma, both on the wrapper and on the blown smoke. I personally think dyed wrappers should be outlawed and this created a poor start for this cigar, which only worsened with the mediocre construction. I would not seek out this cigar for purchase.

Overall: 81

Reveal: Antaño Azarosa, from Joya De Nicaragua