Contest Time! Sponsored by General Cigar

We are back with another contest…

our BIGGEST yet!

Sponsored by General Cigar in honor of their new sweepstakes, the Macanudo Millionaire…

We are giving away 4 boxes of cigars to our readers –

1 box each for 4 lucky readers of Toasted Foot!

To help bring awareness to their Macanudo Millionaire Contest, we are having our own little contest.

mac_crestUp for grabs?

1 box of each of the following:

Macanudo Cafe, Macanudo Gold Label, Macanudo Robust, and Macanudo Maduro.

So, how do you enter? It’s simple – enter the Macanudo Millionaire Contest here and then leave a comment on this post letting us know you’ve entered. We’ll get with General Cigar, compare the email addresses, and pick 4 winners! So, you are actually entering two contests!

Got it? Good. If you want to win a box of cigars, just enter the Macanudo Millionaire contest here and tell us you’ve done so on this post! Best of luck, in both contests!

*If you’ve already entered the Macanudo Millionaire contest, just let us know in the comments – you’ll still be entered for the contest here!
* Just for clarification, the 4 winners of the Toasted Foot contest will receive the 4 boxes of cigars –  the winner of the Millionaire Sweepstakes will be announced at a later time, and not in affiliation with Toasted Foot.