Top Cigars of 2010 (so far)

Toasted Foot_Logo_webAt the close of 2009 we chose not to include a Top 10 or Top However Many, mostly because we were still working out the kinks of our new website, and there were so many others making solid selections. But, this year we plan to present our Top Favorites.

Following Chief Hava’s lead, we decided it would be fun to do a half-year report, of what we are really digging this year. I am sure this list will get busted all up into about a thousand pieces after all the new releases become available after the IPCPR trade show in a few weeks, but none the less, here is our list, so far – and they are alphabetized, not ranked.

* Not all of these cigars were released in 2010, but all of them were reviewed this year, and all of them except the Sosa Wavell were smoked for the first time this year.