Cigar Review: Kristoff Maduro

Size: 7×48, Churchill

Wrapper: Brazilian Maduro

Binder: Olor Dominican and Cuban Seed

Filler: Olor Dominican, Cuban Seed, Nicaraguan

Strength: Medium/Full

Price: Box of 20, $125.99

Grade: 8.8

The Kristoff Maduro is made by Exclusive Cigars, which was established in 2005. EC is a manufacturer of boutique cigars, including the Vengence, Brittania, Cuban Selection, and Premium Selection. The Kristoff is without a doubt the most popular brand from Glen Case’s Exclusive Cigars.

The Kristoff Maduro is available in four sizes: Torpedo (6 1/8×52), Churchill (7×48), Robusto (5.5×54), and the Matador (6.5×56). The Kristoff line also encompasses a few other blends including a Kristoff Criollo, Kristoff Ligero Maduro and Criollo, and a Kristoff Sumatra that looks very tempting. The cigars are packed in a rough cut cedar box with loose tobacco, giving these cigars a very rustic feel. Kristoff cigars are fairly easy to find online, though I haven’t come across them yet in my B&M. More information can be found online.

This is our first review of a Kristoff cigar, though we’ve been looking forward to it for some time. So, on to the toast!

Pre-light, 1.7:
The Kristoff Churchill is a hearty looking smoke with a shaggy foot and a well-constructed pigtail cap. The Brazilian Maduro wrapper is dark and oily with a few prominent veins. The cigar is well packed with no soft spots and has an excellent weight in the palm of the hand. The simple banding really fits the character of this smoke, and it also textured which is a nice touch. The pre-light aroma is of rich tobacco along the wrapper with some nutty vegetal notes at the shaggy foot. The cold draw is a little tight but produces some warm tobacco notes.

Burn, 1.7:
The Kristoff’s shaggy foot toasts and lights well. The draw is a bit tight to start but opens up about half an inch in and is dead on the rest of the time. The ash appears to be flaky but holds well past one inch before I bump it off in the tray. The Churchill produces plenty of smoke throughout the life of the cigar and at a good temperature, with no touch ups or re-lights required.

Flavor, 2.7:
The first puff on the Kristoff produces woody and vegetal tobacco notes and the finish leaves a warm spice on the lips with some sweetness. The first third is of tobacco, some barely present sweet spice, and some salty notes here and there. The second third transitions into a solid tobacco that has earthy and woody characteristics, which are coupled with a sweet spice on the finish. The cigar is somewhat creamy at this point as well. The last third continues with a solid tobacco profile that is paired with some sweet spice throughout. The creaminess persists and is a nice addition to this profile.

Overall, 2.7:
The Kristoff Maduro is a fun and enjoyable smoke in my opinion. The draw was good, the burn even, and the flavor profile solid. Coming in at a little over six bucks a stick, this one is priced right. The solid tobacco, coupled with some sweet spice and creaminess, will make for an enjoyable smoke.

(Total: 8.8)