Toast of the Week (08/03/10)

Happy Tuesday folks – I hope everyone had a great weekend. I spent it going to birthday parties, traveling, and fighting off a cold – it was splendid!

We’re working on an August contest for everyone – hopefully we can get it set up, we’ll see. Thanks to everyone that participated in July’s Macanudo contest. For this next contest, we need some ideas for submission rules – any ideas? I’m thinking something to do with a picture, so that we can post them all here…let us know in the comments if you have an idea.

Let’s get to the toasts.

  • Skip from Hava Cigar posted an excellent article on Boutique brand cigars and the changing tide in media coverage. Toast it here.
  • Somehow I missed this until yesterday – check out Cigar Directory for an index of cigar websites, forums, magazines, retailers, manufacturers…you name it. Toast it here.
  • Smoking Hot Cigar Chick has a review of the newly released Tatuaje La Verite 2008. Toast it here.
  • David from the Tiki Bar smokes the newly released Rocky Patel 15th Anniversary (he loves it). Toast it here.