Toast of the Week (8/17/10)

Well, now that IPCPR has passed, we can all expect to be seeing some great new cigars hitting the shelves of our favorite B&M. There was some great coverage of the event by some of the cigar bloggers that had the opportunity to attend – I was at home caring for a wounded wife and a new baby!

Later today we’re posting an article on the role of bloggers within the industry, so be on the lookout for that – with some opinions from other bloggers and those in the industry! Now, on to the toasts.

  • Stogie Review had exceptional coverage of IPCPR, with tons of video! Toast it here.
  • Tiki Bar compares the 2009 and 2010 CAO Rock + Rolled – an event exclusive blend. Toast it here.
  • Ben from Nice Tight Ash also got in a lot of interviews while at IPCPR. Toast it here.
  • Barry from A Cigar Smoker lights up the La Caridad Del Cobre. Toast it here.