Cigar Review: Paul Garmirian Symphony 20

Size: 6×52, Connoisseur

Wrapper: Unknown

Binder: Havana seed

Filler: Four unknown

Strength: Full

Price: Box of 20, $340

Grade: 8.9

Created to celebrate twenty years of Paul Garmirian Cigars, the Symphony 20 was blended by Henky Kelner of Davidoff and Eladio Diaz and is a part of the Gourmet Series. This is the first limited edition cigar they have released and it is available in only one size and is sold in boxes of 20 at $17 a pop. Though the wrapper and fillers are not identified, they note that it is the greatest wrapper they’ve ever seen. The full production run is 40,000 cigars, made up of 2,000 boxes of 20. This cigar is exclusively available at brick and mortar stores.

Paul Garmirian Cigars are available in over 200 stores in the US and abroad. Paul Garmirian Inc is the importer and distributor of 6 lines of PG Cigars and Artisan’s Selection. Paul Garmirian accessories include 2 limited edition S.T. Dupont lighters and the world famous PG Cutter. Paul Garmirian is also the author of the best selling book, The Gourmet Guide to Cigars, the first cigar book published in the United States. The PG Gourmet Series was the first super premium cigar grown purely on its merit, by word of mouth.

I was pretty excited about the opportunity to review this cigar.  Produced in limited quantities with tobacco that is no longer available, this is a limited edition cigar in the truest sense. You can learn more about their offerings online. We were sent 4 gratis samples of this cigar for review by Kevork Garmirian.

Pre-light, 1.7:
The Symphony 20 is covered in an oily and leathery, wrapper with some veins present. The texture is bumpy but the cigar is well packed and has a good weight in the palm. The double band is simple but is not an eye-catcher. The cap at the head of the smoke is nicely constructed. The pre-light aroma is of barnyard along the wrapper with a sweetness of raisins at the foot, while the cold draw produces the same notes but adds a touch of spice to the palate.

Burn, 1.8:
The Connoisseur cut, toasted, and lit well, producing plenty of smoke with minimal effort on the draw.  The ash is consistent in color but does not hold well for me. The smoke is aromatic and plentiful, the burn is even, and again the draw is spot on. The smoke temperature is very pleasing on the palate and only warmed up towards the end of the cigar.

Flavor, 2.8:
The first puff on the Paul Garmirian is of nutty tobacco with some spice. The finish is creamy and we are off to a good start. The first third has continued notes of nutty tobacco with a creamy finish. Spice is present and it is warm in the mouth and on the lips. The second third finds a decrease in the spice but the smoke is still full flavored with a pleasing flavor profile. The final third does not transition much from the second third, but it is consistent and a joy to smoke. This cigar has a lot of different notes that seem to kind of be right there on the palate and, though I wasn’t really able to discern all of them, it made for an enjoyable smoke.

Overall, 2.6:
Though I enjoyed the smoke and took it to the nub, I am not sure that I would spend the money to get my hands on another one, and that does affect the overall scoring. That being said, this is a rare, limited release cigar and is composed of tobaccos that have been aging specifically for this smoke and the flavor profile is excellent, so if you are like me and love to try truly unique smokes, the money is well worth it.

(Total: 8.9)