Toast of the Week (9/21/10)

The first few weeks of September is a fun time, as all the cigars introduced at IPCPR start making their way on the shelves of local B&M stores. I know we’re excited to get a first taste of the La Traviata Maduro and the AVO Heritage this week, as JJ is stopping by Buckhead Cigar in Atlanta. If there are some new releases making their way into your shop, leave us a comment and let everyone know what you’ve been enjoying most.

We’d love for you to take a quick second to answer our new cigar poll (here), asking which cigar brand you’ve smoked the most of this year. We’re closing in on 100 votes, and Don Pepin Garcia and Tatuaje (their the same, right!?) are leading the pack.

And don’t forget about our great contest going on (here), where you can enter to be one of 13 winners, taking home over 30 cigars, a humidor, and a t-shirt – all sponsored by 13th Floor Cigars.

Now, on to the toasts!

  • Tiki Bar takes on the newly released EP Carrillo Core Line. Toast it here.
  • Cigar Inspector smokes the $40 Cohiba Behike. Toast it here.
  • Cigar Inspector also has a Man O’ War Flight, comparing all three blends. Toast it here.
  • Nice Tight Ash sparks the Viaje Satori Karma. Toast it here.
  • Tom’s Cigars and the B&B Cigar Club both have the Luca del Toro, which we’ll also be reviewing this week. Toast it here and here.
  • The Cigar Nut started a new Achievements program for his readers. Toast it here.