Cigar Review: J. C. Newman Diamond Crown

Size: 4.5×54, Robusto No. 5

Wrapper: Connecticut, Double Fermented

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Strength: Mild

Price: Box of 20, $192.95 (Purchase)

Grade: 9.3

Today’s cigar is the Diamond Crown, and it is a sponsored review from AJ’s Cigar.

The Diamond Crown was created in 1995 in celebration of J.C. Newman Cigars 100th Anniversary. It was a collaboration between Stanford Newman and Carlos Fuente, Sr., with the intent of creating a Super Premium cigar. Stanford knew that he would need a thicker cigar to achieve his ideal flavor profile, and so he produced the Diamond Crown in a 54 ring gauge, which, at the time, was the thickest cigar brand in the world. It would also give ample room to incorporate his goal of including six to seven individual tobacco leaves in the blend. The cigar is made exclusively by the Fuente family.

There is also a Maduro wrapper available, and the Diamond Crown is produced in seven sizes: Robusto No. 1 (8.5×54), Robusto No. 2 (7.5×54), Robusto No. 3 (6.5×54), Robusto No. 4 (5.5×54), Robusto No. 5 (4.5×54), Figurado No. 6 (6×58), and Pyramid No. 7 (6.7×54). The Maduro only appears to be available in three of the seven sizes.

We have reviewed several J.C. Newman cigars, and have been very impressed – the Brickhouse, Diamond Crown Maximus, El Baton, La Unica Natural and Maduro have all rated 8.8 or higher.

You can learn more about the Diamond Crown line of cigars online. And be sure to follow J.C. Newman Cigars on Twitter.

Pre-light, 1.9:
The wrapper on the Diamond Crown is buttery smooth – light colored spider web veins with no protrusion, a slight sheen, and incredibly clean. The foot is slightly loose, with the wrapper pulling away from the binder, but that is the only flaw. The triple cap is perfect and there are no soft spots along the 4.5 inches. The 54 ring gauge creates a great weight and it rolls between the fingers very well. The aroma is of sweet cedar with a zesty barnyard most similar to straw. On the draw, it is open and clean and has a crisp, short finish.

Burn, 1.9:
With an easy light and steady take off, the burn on this Newman/Fuente creation is spot on. The white ash has a slight flake along the edges, but after the first bump it tightens up and I only ashed three times. It burns cool to the nub, and I mean nub, and the line remains straight throughout; I gave no attention or effort toward keeping the cigar lit.

Flavor, 2.8:
The upfront burst is of buttery cream and toast. The first third has a mixture of burnt flavors and sweet butterscotch, with the sweetness overtaking the harsher burnt profile. The middle third remains active but becomes a little dryer. The burnt flavor fades and a very gentle profile dominates this portion, with a nice zest in the retrohale. The Diamond Crown finishes the same way it begins, with a battle between a sweet cream and a burnt toast. Overall, there is not a lot of movement in this smoke, but the profile that it locks into is excellent.

Overall, 2.7:
At just under $10, this is an excellent mid/mid-high premium. It is not an everyday smoke for me at that price, but I’d definitely spend the money to have a 5 pack on hand. The construction and consistency of this smoke is what you expect from the Newman’s and Fuente’s, and the flavor profile is excellent. If you see this one, and are looking for a mild cigar for a celebratory moment, this one fits the bill in my opinion – maybe not graduation, marriage, or the birth of your first child, but definitely suitable for a wedding anniversary or the birth of a distant cousin’s kid. Definitely.

(Total: 9.3)