Cigar Review: 5 Vegas Classic

Size: 5 1/2 x 44, Corona

Wrapper: Sumatra

Binder: Nicaragua

Filler: Cuban-seed Nicaraguan/Cuban-seed Dominican

Price: Box of 25, $59.95

Today we have a guest review from Tony! I first met Tony through the Cigar Asylum and he has become a friend on Toasted Foot as well. He has an excellent palate and you can find Tony on Facebook or on Cigar Asylum. He’s reviewed a couple cigars for us in the past, and he’ll have a few more for us in the future – we love having him around! Thanks Tony!

I am happy to be back for another review on Toasted Foot. Today I will be diving into a Cigars International/ Exclusive, the 5 Vegas Classic. This cigar boasts some high ratings and is tabbed as a premium cigar with a small price tag.

The cigar itself has no major veins or soft spots and a splotchy, dark natural look. The smell from the wrapper has a nice tobacco smell with a slight cedar aroma. The cold draw is tight with a slight sweetness and a mild tobacco flavor. No issues with the initial light but there isn’t much flavor to speak of, just a mild tobacco flavor. There is a bit of a bite through the sinuses.

Getting into the first third, the burnline begins to get a little wavy and the draw is becoming an issue. I’m still not getting a whole lot of flavor beyond mild tobacco. There is a hint of pepper that comes and goes on the finish, but only a hint. After an inch in, the burnline got out of control and had to be touched up. With the draw getting too tight to enjoy, I had to use a draw poker. Once the draw opened up, the burn began to even out.

Getting into the second third, the flavor picked up a bit and turned to an earthy note. The exhale through the sinuses began to smooth out. I would definitely classify this as a mild cigar both in flavor and in body. Towards the end of the second third I began to pick up some bitterness which forced me to purge the cigar. After a couple of puffs, the bitterness did subside.

At the start of the final third, the wrapper cracked but initially did not seem to cause an issue with the burn or the flavor. Not much change from the second third, a mild tobacco flavor with hints of earth. Unfortunately soon after the crack, the cigar bulged and the crack worsened. Halfway through the final third the cigar fell apart and I had to put it out.

Overall, I didn’t find a whole lot going on with this cigar; it was mild and earthy. The construction was poor and I cannot say whether that is representative of the line or possibly resulted in the lack of flavor. The only people I could recommend this to would be a beginner as it will not offend with the odor or strength. A morning cigar maybe, but I don’t think I will be seeking this one out as a staple in my humidor. I may revisit this cigar in the future since I have heard good things about it, I just didn’t experience it.