Cigar Review: Angelenos

Size: 6.25×44, Lonsdale

Wrapper: Ecuadorian Connecticut

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Strength: Mild

Price: Box of 25, $223.75

Grade: 8.8

The Angelenos is produced in five sizes: Robusto (5.5×50 – $9.50), Double Robusto (5.75×52 – $9.95), Toro (6×50 – $9.95), Lonsdale (6.25×44 – $8.95), and Gran Toro (6.5×54 – $10.95). Each size is sold in boxes of 25, and is construced at the Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia factory in the Dominican Republic. The name is in honor of Los Angeles, the City of Angels. Keith Parks serves as Founder and CEO of what includes Angelenos, God of Fire, and Prometheus; he oversees productions of their cigars and product lines. For more information check them out online.

Keith was kind enough to send us samples of both the Angelenos and the Sencillo, which we reviewed here.

Now, on to the toast!

Pre-light, 1.7:
The wrapper on the Angelenos is silky with a slight sheen and has minimal veins, none of which protrude.  There is some slight discoloration, in between the sloppy double cap to the loose foot; the filler in the foot has a few holes with breaks between the binder and filler.  It does have a nice weight. The aroma is very pleasant, with a peppermint zest, wood notes, a muted sweetness, and a green aroma in the background. On the draw, it proves open with a cool, crisp profile with a dominating profile of graham cracker. On the pre-light this shows to be a complex smoke, but we’ll see how the light does.

Burn, 1.9:
The draw is spot on; the ash layers well, is evenly colored, never requires a re-light, and the burn is slow and even. The smoke emits thick clouds of smoke and stays cool to the nub. Not much to complain about with the burn.

Flavor, 2.6:
Up front, there is a creamy burst that has some pepper in the background, along with a bit of graham cracker. The first third is very dense, with a thick feeling in the back of the throat. The profile continues with the graham, but adds some floral notes and a bit of sweet almond. For the most part, the Angelenos locks into this flavor profile, and doesn’t progress through the final two thirds. It presents a bouquet of flavors, carries a medium body and profile throughout, and the texture is dry and chewy.

Overall, 2.6:
The construction and appearance on the Angelenos is solid, and proves to be more impressive than the flavor profile. Though there is a collection of flavors, they present themselves too early and never progress, remaining one dimensional – this was the case of an early bloomer; I would have much preferred some development, rather than a burst of notes up front. I can live with the price on the Angelenos, especially due to the excellent construction. However, I have a feeling these are hard to find locally.

(Total: 8.8)