Cigar Review: Maker’s Mark, Special Edition (It’s A Boy)

Size: 6×50, Toro

Wrapper: Dominican

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican

Strength: Mild

Price: Box of 25, $157.95

Today, we have a guest review from our good friend Chris. He received this Maker’s Mark from a friend, who was gifted the cigar to celebrate the birth of his friend’s son (confused? It was free, and celebrated a birth, that’s all that matters). So, let’s welcome Chris as he toasts this bourbon-flavored smoke.

The Maker’s Mark is a Dominican puro dipped in that famous Kentucky bourbon and coated in either a red wax or a silver wax, which notes the 10th Anniversary edition cigar. Occasionally, they will dip the cigars in other various colors for special occasions, such as baby blue or pink to welcome the birth of a new child or a Kentucky blue, which is produced every time the University of Kentucky makes the NCAA Final Four. The cigar I’m toasting today is the blend used for the red-dipped cigar but is covered in the baby blue.

So, let’s toast the foot of this flavored stick!

Dipped in baby blue wax and encased in a glass tube, the Maker’s Mark has a great appearance. Once the wax is stripped and the stick is uncased, you’re hit with a wonderful sweet bourbon aroma. The head is double capped and the roll is flawless with no soft spots. The medium brown Dominican wrapper has a background smell of leathery tobacco, which is disguised by the bourbon coating.

The burn on the Maker’s Mark produces a beautiful white ash that holds great throughout. The smoke emitted is thick and aromatic. The draw remains open throughout the smoke and the burn is straight with no touch-ups required.

The flavor on this stick reminds me of, well, bourbon. The only other flavor profile evident is that of barnyard, with dominances of hay. It takes on a medium roast that is not overly complex but is very consistent.

The Maker’s Mark is a very fun and entertaining cigar. The appearance and effort required to free the cigar from the wax capped tube added to the experience. The flavor profile is enjoyable and the burn is very consistent. I would definitely smoke this cigar again as I enjoyed the flavors and I’d probably even consider buying a box of these since I do enjoy a mildly flavored cigar. So, if you enjoy a flavored cigar on occasion, don’t forget the Maker’s Mark, which is reasonably priced in my opinion.