Some of our Favorite Posts

Some posts are just a bit more fun to work on…

I’m not saying these our best posts, but these are some of the ones we’ve most enjoyed writing!

– Articles –

  • Why I Love Cigars: When you really take the time to reflect on why you love something so much, often times you’re surprised by just how much you love it (here)
  • A Bloggers Place Within the Industry: This article generated some great conversation on how bloggers fit into the cigar industry, and it led to an opportunity to write an article for Smoke Magazine (here)
  • Cigar Manufacturers Twitter Directory: This was a MAJOR pain to put together, but I’m glad I took the time to do it, and hope it’s a great resource for others (here)

– Reviews –

  • 13th Floor Foundation Series: We knew Bryan while he was in the development process of his first blend, and to finally taste it was a great pleasure (here)
  • Berger & Argenti Enutbar: Such a unique smoke, fun to light and great tasting (here)
  • House Blends Roundup: These were some of the first cigars we smoked with the specific intention of reviewing, and we found them to be great smokes for the money (here)

– Interviews –

  • What’s In Your Humidor: This series has been a blast for us – finding out what the guys in the industry smoke and learning more about their practices, is always a blast (here)
  • Q & A: We’ve been amazed by how many brand owners are willing to answer our loooong list of questions and the interaction has been a great job (here)