Toast of the Week (11/26/10)

I know, it’s Friday, not Tuesday…and we haven’t done a toast in two weeks. Sorry about that! We’ve had some other special posts going up lately, mostly dealing with our current contest. Check out the details here – we’re giving away a box of the new 262 Ideology (review).

I hope everyone had a very blessed Thanksgiving yesterday – I’m sure you’re still moaning from all the food! And I’m sure you’ll still manage to make your way to plenty of leftovers…just like me!

Here are some toasts for you this week – and don’t forget to toast your friends, family, jobs, and everything else you’re thankful for this year!

  • Check out a new cigar magazine – The Cigar Network. We will be contributing to the new magazine and are very excited! Toast it here.
  • Jerry from Stogie Review fires the new Man O’ War Armada. Toast it here.
  • Cigar Inspector takes on the huge 9×55 Tatuaje RC223. Toast it here.
  • Barry from A Cigar Smoker burns the new Tatuaje Anarchy. Toast it here.
  • Casas Fumando smokes the Viaje Skull and Bones, version 2. Toast it here.